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Louisville Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville is proud to serve the greater Louisville area with top quality LED landscape lighting design, installation, and service. We offer the best LED landscape lighting in the industry with gorgeous lights that will not only withstand the elements but will weather beautifully, looking lovely within your landscaping.


LED Landscape Lighting for Nighttime Enjoyment

Taking great pride in your Louisville landscaping, you toil and sweat over your flower beds, garden, lawn, and accessories. Each spring you watch in anticipation as the green brightens leaves sprout and flowers bloom. Being such a joyful part of your home’s outdoor living appeal, illuminating your favorite landscape features with Louisville landscape lighting allows you to take in the lovely sights at night.

Garden, Gazebo, Path or Tree Lighting

Your landscape includes many glorious features, some living, some artistic and some functional. When it comes to proper Louisville landscape lighting, illuminating all the features of your landscape design is crucial.

Garden lighting is a great way to illuminate your gorgeous blooms and shrubbery. Sometimes bright sunlight can wash out your pinks, reds, greens, and yellows to look pale in comparison to the vibrant rainbow you’ll see under the soft light of landscape lighting.

Gazebos, Arbors, statuary and water features deserve a bit of the spotlight. We’ll use focal lighting to draw attention to your favorite landscape accessories. By adding a subtle focus, you’ll get to enjoy that perfect piece you have invested in and placed lovingly in your landscape design.

Meandering pathways through your gardens, to your front door or around the sides of your home provide an important function. By adding LED path lights to guide your way, you’ll gain easier access and safety to your entire property after dark.

From small ornamental trees to large towering oaks and maples, your trees are a key element in your landscape. With a wide wash to highlight the gorgeous spread of your Japanese maple or a narrow beam aimed at the top of your tallest oak tree, our tree lighting will make sure your trees’ majesty can be adored at night.

Louisville landscape lighting can do more for your property than you have ever dreamed. With the best-LED landscape lighting design, installation and service from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your professional outdoor lighting system. Call or email today for a free consultation and complimentary nighttime demonstration. 502.896.6400

Learn more about the LED on our LED landscape lighting page.

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