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Think Warm Spring Thoughts with Louisville Landscape Lighting Design

Dreaming about spring as winter temperatures come and go and come again? Don’t just dream, start planning your landscape renovations with a Louisville landscape lighting design consultation today. We’d love to work with you or your landscape designer to breathe new life into your property this year. What better use of winter weather than to plan for spring enjoyment at your home.

Louisville Landscape Lighting Recommendations

When it comes to choosing lighting for spring outdoor living and landscape design renovations, there are a few key areas to focus your attention. Start with the front of your home; sidewalks, pathways, flower beds, porches, landscape features, and your home’s front façade. Then move around the back with more path lighting and accent landscape lighting. Lastly, make sure your outdoor living spaces are illuminated with the proper lighting to meet your functional needs for entertaining or relaxing.

Louisville Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a perfect solution for illuminating the front of your home. We’ll make sure all of your favorite landscape features, such as flower beds, trees, and paths are illuminated for nighttime enjoyment. Your home will enjoy the same glorious curb appeal it gets during the daytime, but with a magical spark at night.

Our landscape lighting will cast a light on a majority of your property as we carry through to your side and backyards to highlight your favorite shrubbery, landscape features such as ponds, gardens, and gazebos, as well as your beloved flowers.

Louisville Patio Lighting

Once the landscape is illuminated lovingly with landscape lighting, you’ll want to spend more time on your patio or deck. It is essential to make sure your outdoor living spaces are illuminated for your precise needs. Along with our patio lighting and deck lighting, we offer hardscape lighting for your fireplaces, landscape walls, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens. We also offer the best string globe lighting that can hang over the head to create an instant party when you’re entertaining guests.

While there may still be snow on the ground, there is no reason not to begin planning for spring. We can install landscape lighting during winter when the snow is gone, and the temps rise above freezing, which in Louisville, could be later today! Curb your cabin fever today with spring dreaming and spring planning with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville for your spring landscape lighting project. Call today! 502-896-6400

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