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Could Landscape Lighting Attract Buyers When You’re Ready to Sell Your Home?

We’ve long appreciated the beauty of well-designed, high-quality Louisville outdoor lighting systems. While they certainly add a great deal of nighttime curb appeal and improve the quality of life for homeowners, the idea that they increase the value of your home or help your home sell faster is a fact we have not been able to qualify with hard scientific data.

Relying only on what homebuyers and sellers say and think, we can, however, offer you a glimpse of potential emerging trends in home buying based on survey information.

Outdoor Lighting is a Top Consideration for Homebuyers

Being a younger country when compared with Western Europe, the United States often follows right behind them in home buying and renovation trends and styles. A recent article shared by LEDinside.com has pointed out that approximately half of Europeans are more likely to purchase a home that has outdoor lighting.

These numbers rise and fall with each country, putting Spain first with 76% of homebuyers preferring to buy a home with outdoor lighting. In Great Britain, however, only 36% of homebuyers find landscape lighting to be a factor.

According to the survey, outdoor lighting is a key consideration when buying a home because it adds to the overall atmosphere of the home, the curb appeal, and desirability. With almost 50% of homebuyers making it a key consideration, outdoor lighting beat out windows, roof, and paintwork as a consideration.

Given the history of our country, there is no doubt in our mind that the United States will follow Europe’s outdoor lighting trend, especially given the low energy use and beauty of the latest LED outdoor lighting technology.

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