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Louisville Outdoor Steps, Stairs, and Hills: Landscape Lighting Adds Dramatic Beauty & Safety

The National Safety Council reports stairways cause over one million injuries and 12,000 deaths each year!

Does your home feature exterior stairs leading up to the front door? Stairs on your deck or patio? Or do you live on a hillside making stairs a necessity for navigating your property? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, sometimes the practical necessities for safety become gorgeous masterpieces with proper outdoor lighting design.

Louisville Outdoor Stair Lighting

Louisville Hardscape Stair Lighting
This expansive raised patio features five steps leading up to the main outdoor living space. Lights under each stair tread increase visibility and safety at night.

Louisville Steep Stair Lighting
A hillside home with a steep slope often requires stairs to be built in for access below. This wooded lot was especially dark and hazardous at night before we added unique stair lighting from above.

Louisville Hot Tub Stair Lighting
Add to a dark set of stairs a wet surface and wet feet, and you have a recipe for disaster. Deck lights under the stair railing provides better visibility for sure footing when entering and exiting this hot tub.

Stone Patio Stair Lighting
This grand staircase encompassed by stunning stonework is not only safer with the addition of riser lighting but becomes the focal feature, creating a welcoming embrace as the homeowners return to the patio from the yard.

Slippery Louisville Deck Stair Solutions
Decks are often a place for gathering with friends and family of all ages. Strategically placed railing lights allow better visibility in any condition for improved safety and easier outdoor entertaining.

Louisville Outdoor Stone Stair Lighting
These gorgeous stone steps are a stunning solution for gaining access from this hillside home to the pond and flat area below. While they look gorgeous, their steepness can be tricky to navigate. When sun sets, that navigation becomes almost impossible. With our LED landscape lights, this tiered hillside becomes a nighttime masterpiece instead of a liability.

Statistics of stairway injuries and deaths are staggering. While accidents are going to happen no matter what you do, it is important to create safe stairways for you and your guests to use indoors and out. With the addition of Louisville stair lighting to your home, you not only add visibility for increased safety, you also add depth and beauty. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to receive a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home. 502-896-6400

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