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Louisville Outdoor Lighting Service, Maintenance and Repairs Custom Designed to Fit Your System’s Needs

Is your Louisville outdoor lighting system not looking as great as it once did? Do you have a few bulbs burnt out? Does the overall effect leave you feeling underwhelmed? Regular outdoor lighting maintenance is just as important as the original design and proper installation. If it’s been years since an outdoor lighting expert has serviced your outdoor lighting system call today; at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville keeping your lights looking great is what puts us a step above the rest.

Over the course of time, many unavoidable factors can contribute to your outdoor lighting system looking less than stellar.

Over-grown Landscaping

Many times when we install a new Louisville landscape lighting system, it is in a newly planted landscape design. Over the course of a few years, plants and shrubbery will grow and alter the effectiveness of the well-designed lighting plan. When we come to your home for a service call, we’ll trim shrubs and relocate fixtures that are significantly impairing the overall effectiveness of your outdoor lighting system.

Dimming Halogen Bulbs

You may say, “all of my bulbs are lighting up, and things look okay.” “Okay” is not good enough. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we want your landscape lighting to look phenomenal. Older halogen outdoor lights can sometimes dim significantly after about 1 – 1.5 years, but not burn out. They can dim by as much as 50%, making it hard for you to notice. This dimming diminishes the look of your beautifully designed lighting system. We can swap out the bulbs or upgrade you to LED for a long lasting and refreshed landscape lighting design.

Burnt-Out Bulbs

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a variety of service and maintenance packages that can include the replacement of light bulbs. It is not uncommon for homeowners to take bulb replacement into their own hands. If you want to swap out your own bulbs, please order them from us. We frequently find fixtures destroyed by bulbs of the wrong wattage. This mistake is easy to make and could cost you. Fixture warranties are void if the wrong bulb is applied.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. In that vein, we offer a variety of different maintenance packages catered to fit your specific needs. We have full yearly maintenance packages that include bulb replacements, tune-ups, shrubbery trims and light adjustments, or you can choose a package that just includes bulb replacement. We even offer a tune-up package for systems that simply need occasional adjustments. We recommend no matter what the case that you have a professional outdoor lighting expert inspect your system once a year to keep it looking brilliant. Call today; we’ll work with you to find the perfect outdoor lighting maintenance plan for your system. (502) 896-6400

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