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Louisville Landscape Lighting for a Luxurious Outdoor Lifestyle

Now that the days are long and hot, you’ve turned your attention to outdoor living. While it is easy to see how adding flowering annuals and power washing the deck can make your space more enjoyable, you may be overlooking the possibilities landscape lighting can bring to your Louisville landscape. Louisville landscape lighting is not just for gardens, flower beds and shrubbery. Landscape lighting can take your home and yard to a luxurious place you never imagined. Let me set the scene:

Outdoor Dinner Party in Louisville

You’ve invited a few of your closest friends and your children’s friends for a dinner party/backyard summer barbecue. You start in the late afternoon while the sun is still up with yard games, cooking on the grill and swimming in the pool. Dinner was a hit; the kids are getting along, and the conversation is fantastic. As the sun begins to set, you previously may have had to light some candles or tiki torches or move the party inside. But with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville’s landscape lighting system, your gathering won’t skip a beat.

All of your landscape lights are running on our Lighting Control Automation system so they’ll come on right when they should. First, the café lights over the deck and patio create a festive scene, followed by the deck lights and pool lights which add safety and visibility. But as you and your guests look around the yard, that is when the real magic begins.

Louisville Landscape Lighting Extends Your Outdoor Living Space

With the magic of well-placed moonlighting, your children and their friends continue with their yard games, but now with lovely shadows dancing across the lawn. With strategically placed focal lighting on thoughtfully chosen trees and shrubs around the perimeter of your property, your guests feel invited to venture off the deck and patio to enjoy the splendor that is your well-groomed property.

Back on the patio, the adults can enjoy great conversation and a few beverages, with clear visibility of the kids who are enjoying a night swim thanks to the safety of the pool lighting.

If you want to create lasting memories with your friends and family this summer, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville 502-896-6400 for a custom landscape lighting design.

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