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Louisville Backyard Renovations Deserve Fun and Functional Bistro Lights

Are you renovating your Louisville backyard? Today’s families are investing more each year in creating amazing outdoor living spaces. From decks, patios and outdoor kitchens built for entertaining, to porches, pools, and privacy screens for everyday use, making the backyard function like the inside of the home is on trend.

Another hot trend is festive party lighting, also called bistro lights or café lights. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we have commercial-grade bistro lights with a five-year warranty. Our custom lighting designs and expert installation guarantee you’ll enjoy a magazine-worthy look that will last for years.

backyard bistro light installation

Professionally Installed Bistro Lighting

We have a few fantastic ideas to make your new backyard space sophisticated and gorgeous at night with our custom bistro lighting.

Over the Patio

We recommend a stunning professional fan design over your patio. By creating a single connection point at the house and fanning the lights out to all corners of your stone or paver patio, you’ll enjoy the feel of vacation at your favorite resort every day at home.

In the Yard

How do you utilize your backyard lawn at night? If it features a fire pit, yard games, or lounging area, we recommend bistro lights over the space. With a crisscross design between trees or professionally installed posts, you can enjoy the perfect amount of light for hanging out or playing games with friends well after the sunset.

Deck Out your Deck

Our expert lighting design and installation team can do just about anything. But sometimes, the simplest design yield the brightest results. If you have a large deck in your backyard, a lovely look is to string bistro lights in straight lines from the house out to the end of the deck, or from one end of the deck to the other. The straight lines make the deck look that much bigger and provide the perfect light for any evening occasion.

Call our team at (502) 896-6400 today to schedule a complimentary lighting design consultation for your specific backyard lighting needs.

Landscape Lighting for Louisville's Hottest Derby Parties

Is your outdoor living space Derby-Ready?

With professional landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can enjoy a Derby-Ready backyard all year long for the best outdoor entertaining!

While often landscape lighting is installed for curb appeal and nighttime safety and security, homeowners quickly discover how useful it is for backyard entertaining. In Louisville, we relish perfect, spring, summer, and fall days where we can be outdoors. That includes days when we can entertain outdoors! What is better than having the festivities in the backyard instead of indoors?


With the help of a professionally designed and meticulously installed LED landscape lighting system, you can take outdoor entertaining to a whole new level.

Landscape Lighting for Backyard Fun

Say goodbye to ushering the party indoors at sunset. With new landscape lighting and maybe a little help from our sister-brand, Mosquito Squad – you can stay outdoors as late as the neighbors will tolerate!

For dinner parties: we create a lovely scene on your deck or patio. With landscape lighting surrounding the space and some overhead custom globe lighting, your next meal outdoors will be one etched in your brain for years to come. While the food wow’s your guests taste-buds, and the great conversation feeds their soul, the gorgeous outdoor lighting will create set the scene to bring it all together!

enjoy being derby-ready all year with landscape lightingFor backyard barbecues and family parties: Don’t be that guy or gal that has to tell the kids it is getting “too dark” and they need to get out of the pool! If the kids are being active, swimming, splashing, and making memories, don’t let lighting be the reason they have to stop! We love designing stunning pool lighting systems! With gorgeous water and features such as grottos, fountains, diving boards, slides, and sunning decks, every project is a new canvas to paint with light!

For Kentucky Derby celebrations: Whether you host a Derby party every year, or your home is a vacation rental for the out-of-town patrons, you want your home and property pristine and functional for all of the Derby festivities. Creating the scene from the front entrance to the backyard entertaining space with premium landscape lighting is absolutely necessary. We will illuminate outdoor stairs for the visibility and safety factor. We’ll make sure your entertaining spaces have the perfect accent lighting, and we’ll create curb appeal that will make your neighbors’ green with envy!

Don’t wait until next spring. Even if you missed the opportunity to be Derby-Ready this year, act now so you can enjoy always being ready! Call today to schedule a complimentary design consultation at your home! 502-896-6400

In Louisville Trees are the Anchor of Your Fall Landscape

tree lightingDon’t you just LOVE September? We get our first taste of the fall cool down, with warm afternoons and crisp cool mornings. This is the time of year when the windows can be opened, and we emerge from our air-conditioned cocoons to enjoy the great outdoors in a more comfortable and enjoyable way.

Upon our re-emergence, we immediately notice the gorgeous trees that anchor our lush properties in a way that goes unnoticed in the heat of summer. Maybe a few early shedders are dropping a few leaves, while others are beginning to transform into their golden fall hues.


Trees are the centerpiece and anchor of your beautiful Louisville landscape. Make them shine on fall evenings with custom tree lighting, designed just for you by our expert landscape lighting designers.

Gain Depth and Height with Tree Lighting

When we arrive at your home to begin our design assessment, homeowners often have goals for outdoor living or illuminating their beautiful flowering shrubs and annuals. And we want those items to really POP too!

But, the design trickery is not only to illuminate the star of the show but use lighting on the supporting cast to prop those beautiful colorful stars up in front of. Your trees are the supporting cast. Without them, you would have a flower with a light on it. Or a path with a few lights on it. With the trees around your property illuminated just so, the depth of your property is immediately apparent. Trees essentially take what could appear to be a two-dimensional landscape to three-dimensions.

But wait, there is more.


Some of your trees are majestic old Oaks and Maples with great heights for a powerful light to shine to the tops. While others are ornamental, 7-10 feet with wide canopies to be adored. No matter the height or breadth of your trees, we will utilize the variation and highlight them appropriately. Each tree’s unique charm will create character, height, and width among the depth of their placement on your property.

With the perfect custom design, your gorgeous landscape will be more magical at night than during the day!

If you’re curious about what we can do with your carefully landscaped property and trees, give us a call today. Our design team is ready to come out and give you a design demo that will blow your mind. (502) 896-6400

Should I Install My Louisville Landscape Lighting Before Or After Winter?

Louisville's Best Landscape Lighting CompanyThe best way to answer this question is with another question: Do you want to spend another winter with a dark driveway, dark outdoor living spaces and minimal lighting at your home’s entry?

Picture this instead:

  • The gentle glow of path lighting along your driveway through long winter evenings
  • The option to enjoy your outdoor living spaces after dark for the remainder of the fall—and on the occasional winter evening that’s dark but not too cold to enjoy the outdoors
  • The ability to enjoy your outdoor living spaces with the first spring thaw rather than waiting until we can schedule your installation during spring, our busiest season
  • Cheerful, welcoming light emanating from your front porch and walkway during winter’s early evening darkness

The truth is, the earlier it gets dark, the more you need landscape lighting. That means you definitely want to have your lighting installed before winter. A home that’s cheerfully illuminated will brighten the winter evenings of everyone who enters or passes by, including yours.

With path lighting installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, you’ll also increase the safety of family and visitors approaching your home this winter. Why wait to install landscape lighting when you need it least rather than when you need it most—before winter arrives.

4 Additional Reasons to Have Your Louisville Landscape Lighting Installed Now

1. Quicker turnaround. Fall is not our busiest season, so we can have your landscape lighting design consultation and installation scheduled more quickly this time of year. In the spring, you will find we have more of a wait time.

2. This year’s prices. It’s not unusual for the price of landscape lighting fixtures and other equipment to go up after the first of the year. With the ambiguity coming out of Washington now, costs increases in January are very likely.

3. Brief window of opportunity. If you let fall slip by, you can’t change your mind and have your landscape lighting installed during winter. We’ll have to wait until the ground thaws in the spring.

4. Gorgeous fall evenings. With Louisville landscape lighting illuminating your deck or patio, you can squeeze in many more relaxing evenings outdoors before the cold sets in. As it gets dark progressively earlier, outdoor lighting will make even more of a difference in your ability to make the most of your evenings. Landscape lighting can also enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor fireplace or fire pit any time of year.

The more you think about it, the more sense it makes to get that landscape lighting installed as soon as possible. It would be a shame to wait until spring for the illumination your outdoor areas are crying out for today.

Adding landscape lighting is not an exclusively spring project. In fact, as long as the ground is not frozen, we can install your lighting! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today for a design consultation. (502) 896-6400

10 Reasons Louisville Landscape Lighting is Among the Most Popular Home Upgrades Today

Whether you have a 5-year plan for gradually upgrading your home or you take it one year at a time, landscape lighting should be high on your list. People who track these kinds of things report that landscape lighting is one of the most popular home upgrades today all across the country. Here in Louisville, KY, we are definitely seeing an uptick in the number clients who say they are adding landscape lighting as a home exterior upgrade. Some are prioritizing it over interior upgrades they have planned.

Reasons to Add Landscape Lighting: You Plan to Sell Your Home

  1. As you have probably already guessed, a steady percentage of homeowners who plan to sell add landscape lighting before they list the home with a Realtor. The primary reason given: Nighttime curb appeal.

  2. Outdoor living areas are huge selling points in home buying these days. A home with an outdoor living space that includes professionally designed and installed landscape lighting is twice as appealing to home buyers.

  3. Landscape lighting is a home improvement that can be implemented quickly, so homeowners looking to sell quickly embrace landscape lighting as part of their get-sold-quick plan. To have your lighting installed quickly and professionally, it’s best to call Louisville landscape lighting specialist Outdoor Perspectives of Louisville rather than try to do it yourself. By relying on a professional, you don’t need to worry if the electrical work is being done correctly.

  4. Of the various upgrades you might perform before listing your home, the addition of landscape lighting makes a huge impact for a relatively small investment.

Reasons to Add Landscape Lighting: You Plan to Stay in Your Home

  1. Not everyone who’s adding landscape lighting is doing so to sell their home! Most of our clients have no intention of moving. They are investing in an upgrade purely for their own enjoyment. Having seen landscape lighting at someone else’s home, or in a commercial setting, they love it and want it, too.

  2. Some of our clients take great satisfaction at being the first on their block or their street to add landscape lighting for nighttime curb appeal. Yes, it can be a status symbol.

  3. Home sellers are not the only ones looking for a quick and low-mess update. When you’re sprucing up your home—and maybe that’s something you do around this time every year—you may have bad memories of experiencing a renovation from hell. Landscape lighting clients appreciate that this is one upgrade they won’t suffer through.

  4. Outdoor lighting for better outdoor living … that is the primary motivation for many homeowners adding landscape lighting around a deck, patio or pool. The ambiance is incredibly inviting, and our clients appreciate how many more hours per week they spend enjoying their outdoor spaces after dark with landscape lighting.

  5. Again, homeowners gain a huge impact for little investment when they upgrade to landscape lighting. If you’re considering LED lights because they’re so much more energy-efficient than traditional lighting technologies, you are right on target

  6. Homeowners enjoy their gardens, water features and fountains more at night with landscape lighting. They have discovered that these favorite landscape features don’t have to go dark at night.

Common Motivations for Adding Louisville Landscape Lighting Today

If you’ve read through both of the lists above, you probably sensed a pattern. Homeowners who are selling a home and homeowners who plan to stay in their homes have very similar reasons for upgrading to landscape lighting. No wonder it’s such a popular upgrade!

Improving your home doesn’t have to mean extensive renovation projects, dusty messes, and huge investments; a little bit goes a long way. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today for a design consultation. (502) 896-6400

Tips for the Best Outdoor Kitchen Lighting in Louisville

Taking the indoors out is becoming a long-lasting trend that is not going away. Louisville homeowners maximize their outdoor space by taking all the comforts of indoors out, starting with creating a living room space, entertaining space, and dining space. But to really take it to the next level, building an outdoor kitchen is the way to go. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for allowing the host to remain a part of the party, even while preparing the meal, similar to the way an open floor plan inside does. But, sometimes, considerations for nighttime grilling and entertaining are left as an after-thought. Could you use lighting in your outdoor kitchen? We have a few ideas for you:

Focal Lighting (Task Lighting)

Custom outdoor kitchen lighting is the way to go. No matter the design of your kitchen, we’ll find a way to get you some task lighting over your prep and cooking spaces. Vital to preparing meat to the exact temperature you prefer, this lighting is a matter of gourmet meal vs. dry and chewy! If you have an overhead structure such as a pergola or arbor we can hang gorgeous copper focal lighting. Or we can determine a way to mount them to the kitchen directly.

Hardscape Lighting

Outdoor kitchen lighting is often times ambient lighting within the vertical stonework that makes your kitchen or surrounding patio features. We have integrated LED hardscape lighting that can fit between layers of stone, under capstones, under countertops and anywhere else you prefer. For outdoor kitchens, we love to place them under the taller bar-top counter so there is light on the lower prep surface.

Patio Lighting

Your outdoor kitchen is likely not a stand-alone feature in the yard. Most often built on a patio, but sometimes a deck, patio lighting is a great way to illuminate your cooking area. We’ll use a combination of hardscape lights, landscape lights, focal lighting, and even overhead custom globe lighting to create a magical patio that encompasses your kitchen lighting needs too!

If you would like to prepare late-night meals and winter dinners, but the dark is driving you to your indoor kitchen, call us today! We offer custom outdoor kitchen lighting design and installation. (502) 896-6400

Fabulous Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Lighting You Will Cherish Forever

Wedding season is upon us, with outdoor weddings a huge favorite; if you haven’t already booked your outdoor lighting designer you need to call us right away! Our number is (502) 896-6400.

Outdoor wedding lighting is a job you should not try to handle yourself. Nor should you delegate it to your brother-in-law. If you want your big day to be perfect, it’s best to place your lighting design and installation in the hands of professionals. Maybe you didn’t realize there was a “design” aspect to outdoor lighting. There is! Outdoor lighting design is a very much a specialized occupation. Our lighting designers have experience with special events like weddings, so they are prepared to make your special day as beautiful as you have imagined it will be.

Ideas for Louisville Wedding Lighting

Our outdoor lighting designer will meet with you at your wedding venue and map out a custom lighting design for the event. One of the first questions we’ll ask you is what style you’re going for. There is no right or wrong answer; it’s your day, and it’s all about you. Two examples of outdoor wedding styles could include simple and elegant or fun and funky.

To a great extent, your wedding style will influence the lighting design. If you want to have a simple and elegant outdoor wedding, we will concentrate on elegant landscape lighting within the venue. We would string simple globe lights over the dance floor because, no matter how elegant you want the occasion to be, dancing is dancing! If your wedding style is fun and funky, we have a variety of custom fun lights we can provide in addition to basic lighting so people can see each other. We can arrange lighting that works for any theme. We have decorated everything from barns and wineries to fancy hotel patios. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville knows our way around Louisville wedding lighting.

Set the Mood with Wedding Lighting

The goal of wedding lighting is to twofold: to set a mood—fun, elegant, classic or funky, etc.—and to provide illumination so people can see their way around. In both cases we customize the lighting to fit your goals and your venue’s unique features. For basic illumination we light the paths leading to each area within the venue, for example, the bar, desert table, dance floor and seating. Any special features like gazebos or fountains deserve some focal lighting to encourage guests to wander and mingle. If you want a fairyland, we will give you a fairyland.

String Lighting is a Crowd Pleaser

A favorite of many wedding clients is string lighting, also known as party lights. We have many ways to arrange them, again depending on the mood you want to set. One popular design is the fan design in which the strings of lights meet at a central point and fan out. We often display string lighting in a fan design over the dance floor or over the area with dining tables. String lights used in this way help to define a space or a specific part of the venue being used for a particular purpose. We can also arrange string lighting in neat rows, over a bar or lounge area, for example. You’ll make the decisions about how much or how little we use string lighting. We can even wrap stair railings, deck railings or trees.

Because the full details of your lighting design can’t be articulated until we arrive on site and assess the venue, we can’t be more specific. Overall you can be confident we will use focal lighting, path lighting and other landscape lighting techniques to set the right mood and illuminate your wedding venue perfectly. We make this aspect of wedding planning easy; just give us a call. We offer a free design consultation, and we will need a little time to order the specific lights for your event, so call us to set an appointment as soon as possible.

Don’t try to DIY anything for your wedding. You have enough on your plate. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today. (502) 896-6400 We’ll handle all the lighting details so you can focus on the rest of your wedding planning to-do list.

In this Louisville Outdoor Lighting Debate, Everybody Wins

Where would you weigh in on this debate: Downlighting vs. Uplighting? If you already enjoy professional outdoor lighting at your home, do you know which of these lighting techniques was used in your outdoor lighting design? If you don’t have outdoor lighting yet, just follow along and imagine which of these techniques you would like illuminating your home. Then call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville right away to request downlighting and uplighting at your home!

Landscape Lighting: Is it Downlighting or Uplighting?

When you think of landscape lighting, do you picture the lights shining in one direction or the other, either down or up? (For now, let’s set trees aside, because they warrant their own discussion, below.) If you answered “both,” you are correct. Landscape lighting can be quite varied because of the many different profiles we can light throughout your property.


Path lighting is one of the places you’ll see downlighting at work. Path lighting fixtures usually have a hood on them, almost like a cap, directing all of their light down to the ground and covering the light so that none of it is aimed upward. One reason for that is to minimize light pollution. We don’t need light going just everywhere! If you have a trellis, gazebo or pergola tucked into your landscape, you likely have downlighting to illuminate that lovely feature.

Uplighting has many purposes within a landscape. Uplighting is the technique our professional lighting designers use for focal lighting. When you select your smaller trees, favorite shrubs and flower beds to be illuminated, we use uplighting. We place a light in the ground or we mount it and aim it upwards to illuminate a specific item of beauty. Think of a Japanese maple tree lit from below, with a wide wash of illumination reaching the width of its beautiful canopy. Uplighting is flexible in terms of the breadth of its beam and its brightness. If your landscape includes sculptures or a water feature, we will use uplighting to show these off most effectively.

Lighting Your Outdoor Living Spaces

We use downlighting quite effectively above outdoor kitchens, outdoor dining areas and under covered porches. Hardscape lighting is accomplished through downlighting, and we also use it specifically for task lighting. On your deck, we use downlighting under railings and on the posts at the top of your deck stairs for safety. If you have built-in benches on your deck, we can use downlighting under the benches, creating a subtle light that glows just perfectly. You might call this effect “otherworldly.”


Architectural Lighting Shows Your Home in its Best Light!

Architectural lighting can be wonderfully dramatic and understated at the same time. Here we use uplighting and we play with the width of the light beams. Whereas we use the widest beam to highlight the canopy of a Japanese maple, for architectural lighting we narrow the beam to reach the highest peak of your gable roof. On the way up, the light teases out the texture of your home’s siding—beautiful with stone veneer siding!—and reveals the color and depth of your home’s façade. Uplighting can bring your home’s posts and columns into focus as well as any other vertical features you have.

Downlighting vs. Uplighting: Let’s Hear It for the Trees!

Large, tall trees offer the ideal placement for our favorite downlighting technique called moonlighting. We need the ladders for this one! Our lighting technician will place a light fixture in a tall tree so you can see light filtering down through the tree’s branches. Moonlighting gives the appearance of beautiful moonlight as it dances through your tree’s branches, and the best part is you can see it every day of the month! In contrast, if you have a tree with a huge trunk—especially if it has distinctive features—we may use uplighting to highlight that without reaching up through branches and leaves.

Luckily we don’t have to choose between downlighting and uplighting, so there’s no need to have a debate. Your lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville will select the lighting technique most suited for each element you choose to feature in your yard and on your home. Both techniques contribute to the overall stunning effect of beautifully designed and installed outdoor lighting. Illuminated but not showy, elegant and understated, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Whatever lighting techniques you choose, we are your best choice for design and installation! Start today with an outdoor lighting design consultation to see how we can add delight to your property. Call (502) 896-6400 or email today.

Top 7 Trees to Illuminate with Louisville Tree Lighting

HOW will you decide which trees to illuminate when you’re having landscape lighting installed at your home? You’ve set your appointment with a professional lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville for a free landscape lighting consultation. You’ve looked around your yard to see what trees you want to have lighted. It’s like choosing which child is your favorite!

You know you can’t light everything in your yard. Professionally designed and installed Louisville landscape lighting is not about blasting light at everything around. The lighting designer will set up lighting fixtures of various types under or over some of your beautiful trees, but how are you going to tell them which ones you want to feature?

It’s one of those questions that gets more difficult the longer you think about it. Each tree in your yard may have some special meaning to you or trigger a memory. You don’t know which ones to leave out. Luckily your Louisville landscape lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has plenty experience and knows what trees paired with which lighting fixtures will produce what kind of effects. You’re in good hands, so relax. You can feel confident about accepting your lighting designer’s recommendations.

To help you with this decision, we can provide you with a list.

Top 7 Trees to Illuminate with Louisville Tree Lighting

  • Dogwood
  • Magnolias (Sweetbay)
  • Japanese Maple
  • Riverbirch
  • Beach Tree
  • Maple Tree
  • Crape Myrtle

If you don’t have all of the trees listed here, that’s OK! It actually makes your decision a little easier because you have fewer to choose from. Think of the person who has all of these trees in her yard. Imaging what she’s going through!

Each of the trees listed is strikingly beautiful when professionally lit in a landscape lighting design. Some of them are considered “ornamentals,” which are all 25’ tall or shorter.

In landscape lighting, sometimes less is more. While that’s a cliché, it’s appropriate in this situation. Listen to your lighting designer, and select several of these trees to feature. We think you’ll be thrilled with the results!

Keeping up with today’s outdoor lighting trends is our job, and we love to share what we know. If you have any questions about landscape lighting, give us a call: (502) 896-6400 or email today.

Loving These Louisville Landscape Lighting Trends!

Do you love trends because they’re new and popular, or will you cross the street to avoid a trend when you see it coming? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we don’t see trends as all good or all bad. We believe you have to pick and choose based on what makes sense for your lifestyle.

Today we’re looking at several Louisville landscape lighting trends. Join us and see what resonates with you! If you see something you like, call us so we can talk with you about it.

LED Technology

Those three letters are showing up everywhere, for good reason. LED outdoor lighting is not just a trend, it’s the future becoming the present. Earlier LED technology for outdoor lighting was not good, and many people who jumped on it quickly backed off. The previous generation of LED lights emitted a strange bluish-white color that was clearly not ideal for landscape lighting! Then LED technology turned a corner, and today it’s as beautiful as halogen but much more economical to use. LED lighting uses about 75% less energy than halogen lighting does. If you have halogen landscape lighting, call us about retrofitting your fixtures for LED bulbs.


Many of our clients use automation for their landscape lighting. Nobody likes realizing they forgot (again) to turn the lights on. We see a variety of technologies for this. A photocell will turn your lights on without your help when it senses darkness, but you can’t turn them off. A combination of photocell (to turn lights on) and a digital timer (to turn them off) is better. The best landscape lighting timer we’ve seen is the astronomical timer. Set to your GPS coordinates, the timer knows when sunset and sunrise occur at your location. Meanwhile, you can set it to turn lights off when you choose, even at different times on different nights. You can also set it to adjust automatically for daylight savings time. We like!

Water Features

Wait, you don’t have a water feature in your yard yet? People love them for the outdoor sanctuary they create, with the soothing sound of cascading water, but after dark it’s more about the visual appeal. Whether you have a pond with waterfalls or a simple fountain, lighting it effectively will take your landscape to a new dimension. Depending on your setting, we can shine a light up or down onto the water or even embed lighting to shine up through the water. We can get very creative with this! If you’re thinking of installing a water feature, call us to arrange lighting installation at the same time so we can coordinate. If you already have a water feature and want to add lighting, we can do that, too!

Beautiful Security Lighting

Who says lighting can’t be beautiful and practical at the same time? Because we are skilled, experienced professional Louisville landscape lighting designers, we know how to arrange beautiful landscape lighting that deters would-be intruders. Everyone knows a subtle wash of lighting around the exterior of your home says “Welcome” and increases curb appeal, but homeowners and lighting professional also know it’s a proven security feature. Trending now is the use of landscape lighting to remove dark areas where prowlers might try to gain entry to your home.

Keeping up with today’s outdoor lighting trends is our job and we love to share what we know. If you have any questions about landscape lighting, give us a call: (502) 896-6400 or email today.

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Outdoor Entertaining Space is Ready for Derby Day and Beyond

Winter is quickly ebbing away and before you know it “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” will be here—the Kentucky Derby. What better way to usher in the summer season than to spruce up your patio area for Derby Day with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville. While you focus on the seersucker suits, derby hats, mint juleps, Benedictine finger sandwiches and Derby Pie™ – we’ll make sure your outdoor spaces are ready for prime time.

Enhance Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Your outdoor renovations can start right with the front door. Consider giving the door a fresh coat of paint and incorporate some flowers. You wouldn’t think it, but these small touches can go a long way to changing the personality of your home. Additionally, installing new pathway lighting can help your guests find their way safely to and from your entryway.

Next, take the time to ensure your lawn looks its best. You can add some excitement by planting flowers, including roses. You can either plant traditional rose bushes or install a trellis and train your roses to grow where you want them. After all, you are watching “The Run for The Roses,” why not have some roses of your own.

Once you’ve gotten your landscape looking its best, enhance it that much further by incorporating landscape lighting to highlight its features, like those lovely roses, and ensure your guests can enjoy them safely. You don’t want your guests spending their whole time on your deck or patio, do you?

Renovate Your Deck or Patio

Whether you choose brick pavers, stone pavers, tile, wood, or concrete, renovating your deck or patio can genuinely enhance your entertainment experience. The only way you can go wrong is forgetting to incorporate Louisville patio lighting to illuminate the area.

For patio lighting, you have a couple of options that depend on your current landscape. The top three techniques for patios are moonlighting where the lights will radiate from above, perimeter landscape lighting for an ambient glow, or we can install lights right into retaining walls to add a glow to stones on the ground.

Don’t worry deck owners, we’ve got you covered too. Our deck lighting includes high-quality brass or copper lights made specifically for decks. They can be hung from posts around your deck, on stair treads for safety, and under railings to add to the ambiance.

Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a must-have feature, allowing the host to stay engaged with the guests at all time. If you’ve already incorporated an outdoor kitchen to your patio or deck, you likely already have lighting to illuminate the area for entertaining. However, don’t forget about specific task lighting to make it easier to see when your grilling or prepping.

You can easily incorporate a bar onto your outdoor kitchen (or even a basic deck/patio) by adding a simple shelf on brackets. This will allow you to fold the bar down when you’re not using it and make it that much easier to mix your mint juleps during your Derby party.

Another thoughtful addition to an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space is to plant an herb garden. Giving you access to fresh herbs for cooking (or those mint juleps) all summer long while also discouraging wildlife from eating any other goodies you’ve planted in your garden.

Don’t wait until spring is here and you’re already planning your Derby party menu to give your outdoor living spaces a facelift! Start today with an outdoor lighting design consultation to see how we can add delight and function to your patio and landscape. Call (502) 896-6400 or email today.

Think Warm Spring Thoughts with Louisville Landscape Lighting Design

Dreaming about spring as winter temperatures come and go and come again? Don’t just dream, start planning your landscape renovations with a Louisville landscape lighting design consultation today. We’d love to work with you or your landscape designer to breathe new life into your property this year. What better use of winter weather than to plan for spring enjoyment at your home.

Louisville Landscape Lighting Recommendations

When it comes to choosing lighting for spring outdoor living and landscape design renovations, there are a few key areas to focus your attention. Start with the front of your home; sidewalks, pathways, flower beds, porches, landscape features, and your home’s front façade. Then move around the back with more path lighting and accent landscape lighting. Lastly, make sure your outdoor living spaces are illuminated with the proper lighting to meet your functional needs for entertaining or relaxing.

Louisville Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a perfect solution for illuminating the front of your home. We’ll make sure all of your favorite landscape features, such as flower beds, trees, and paths are illuminated for nighttime enjoyment. Your home will enjoy the same glorious curb appeal it gets during the daytime, but with a magical spark at night.

Our landscape lighting will cast a light on a majority of your property as we carry through to your side and backyards to highlight your favorite shrubbery, landscape features such as ponds, gardens, and gazebos, as well as your beloved flowers.

Louisville Patio Lighting

Once the landscape is illuminated lovingly with landscape lighting, you’ll want to spend more time on your patio or deck. It is essential to make sure your outdoor living spaces are illuminated for your precise needs. Along with our patio lighting and deck lighting, we offer hardscape lighting for your fireplaces, landscape walls, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens. We also offer the best string globe lighting that can hang over the head to create an instant party when you’re entertaining guests.

While there may still be snow on the ground, there is no reason not to begin planning for spring. We can install landscape lighting during winter when the snow is gone, and the temps rise above freezing, which in Louisville, could be later today! Curb your cabin fever today with spring dreaming and spring planning with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville for your spring landscape lighting project. Call today! 502-896-6400

Five Ways Path Lighting Can Lead You Through Louisville’s Long Dark Winter Nights

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, outdoor lighting is all we do! Our expert lighting designers work closely with each and every client to create a custom LED outdoor lighting design to meet their individual needs. Winter is often a time when homeowners feel the pain of long dark nights, stuck indoors and getting cabin fever. Leaving for work in the dark and arriving home in the dark can make it feel as if summer will never return. Adding well-designed LED path lighting strategically to your property can chase away the dark nights of winter, providing visibility and subtle illumination to minimize the winter blues and get you through to spring.

We recommend the top five path lighting ideas to make every corner of your property functional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

Path Lighting for Gardens

LED path lighting is a perfect way to subtly highlight your gardens and landscape beds. With the ambient glow they create on your flowers, shrubs, and along the perimeter of your landscape edging, path lighting is a great way to enjoy the splendor of your landscape after dark.

Path Lighting for Patios

There are many outdoor lighting techniques we can implement for patio lighting, but one of our favorites is to gently illuminate the surrounding landscape for a perimeter glow. This defines the edges of your patio and creates a level of light that is well-suited for a relaxing evening on the patio.

Path Lighting for Entertaining Areas

From pools, hot tubs, sand volleyball courts, swing sets, and tennis courts, Louisville residents enjoy outdoor recreation at home. These spaces are sometimes rendered unusable in the short days of winter. With the addition of path lighting nearby, you can add visibility so that on milder winter days you can enjoy a more active lifestyle after work.

Path Lighting for Walkways & Driveways

The quintessential reason for path lighting is to illuminate dark paths. Your sidewalks, walkways, garden paths, and driveways will be more visible for safe navigation during the long nights of winter. This will help you avoid tripping hazards, slippery spots, and potential mishaps.

Path Lighting for the Darkest Corners

Many properties have a dark corner here or there. The alleyway where you keep your trash can, the back corner of your deck, or maybe a small wooded area around back. These areas can provide treacherous walking conditions and places for potential intruders to hide. Our custom designed outdoor lighting designer will assess these dark corners that might present a hazard and provide a recommendation which often is as simple an LED path light to cast a gentle wash across the area. Minimizing your scary trip to the trash bin with a little more lighting for your Louisville property.

If you’re ready to chase away the darkness of winter and let path lighting lead the way, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today for a design consultation. (502) 896-6400

Louisville Landscape Lighting Pushes Back the Darkness on Your Secluded Wooded Property

Do you live amongst tall majestic trees, in a dreamy forest of daytime seclusion and wildlife refuge? Even if you simply enjoy a larger city lot backing up to a nature area or with beautiful towering Oaks and Maples, you may experience a very dark property at night. Without lights from neighboring homes or street lights, it can feel like the dark is ever-expansive and threatening to wash over your home. Louisville landscape lighting is a great way to push back the darkness with subtle lighting that will maintain the secluded, quiet surroundings you enjoy at home.

Tree Lighting

Use those massive, majestic trees to your advantage with strategic tree lighting around the perimeter of your lawn. These points of light will not only give you just enough light to see, but they will highlight the majesty of your property, a feature that likely drew you to purchase your home in the first place.

Path Lighting

Lovely copper and brass path lights are versatile for a variety of landscape lighting techniques. Gentle washes of light scatter across your paths, and low profile landscape features for easy navigation at night. Escorting you to your home from the driveway or street, path lighting allows your front landscapes to exude new charm at night. With a gorgeous secluded property, enjoying your outdoor space is a must. By adding just enough lighting to guide the way, you will be encouraged to get outdoors for nighttime enjoyment.

Outdoor lighting is all we do! With the largest availability of outdoor lighting techniques, we’ll create the perfect custom Louisville landscape lighting job for your dark and secluded property. We’ll be sure to achieve your goals for subtlety or drama, whichever you prefer. Call today to schedule a design consultation, and you’ll soon be enjoying a magical landscape where the darkness once blanketed your property each night. (502) 896-6400

Louisville Outdoor Lighting Highlights Your Brick Exterior and Provides a Guiding Light for Late Nights and Long Winters

‘Tis, the season for an early setting sun, leading to long winter nights; a perfect opportunity to show-off your beautiful brick home with the magic of LED outdoor lighting. With a custom outdoor lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, your brick exterior will be mesmerizing from the street or up close, as we use wall wash lighting to illuminate all the intricacies and texture of your gorgeous masonry.

Lighting the Brick Exterior of Your Home

When it comes to illuminating the classic beauty and charm of a brick home, it is vital to get the lighting “just right.” One of the most common mistakes in exterior home lighting is over-lighting. With too bright light, your brick gets washed out, voiding the details and texture that make brick so alluring.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we have over 15 years of expertise and a nationwide network of lighting experts to consult, giving us the know-how to achieve the desired effect. We use LED landscape lights to create a gentle wall wash up the brick surface of your home’s exterior. With the perfect angle and the right brightness, we create gorgeous nightscapes that transform the daytime charm of your brick into a nighttime masterpiece.

Shadow & Texture

Whenever we get to illuminate beautiful masonry, we focus heavily on the shadow and texture. After all, what is light without shadow? A light shining up the brick instead of on the brick will allow you to see the grout lines and individual character of each brick. By choosing specifically where to illuminate and where not to illuminate, we create vital points of shadow so that your eye is guided along the perfect path to the most important features of the home. The best outdoor lighting is all about the illuminated, not the light itself and nothing holds that to be truer than when we get to add outdoor lighting to a classic brick home in Louisville.

If your classic brick abode is ready to be seen in all of its glory at night, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today for a design consultation. We look forward to working with you. (502) 896-6400

Start Your Day on the Bright Side with Louisville LED Landscape Lighting

Was it dark when you left your house this morning? Did your kids wait in the light of the moon for the school bus? Beginning your day in the dark can be a mental drain. It can be difficult to feel energized and ready to make the most of the day when it is dark as you try to rev up your engines. We recommend Louisville LED landscape lighting to light the way. Gorgeous ambient lighting at your home and property can help get you out the door on dark fall and winter mornings with more energy and readiness for the day ahead.

LED Landscape Lighting

Illuminating your front yard and landscape with Louisville LED landscape lights provides the right amount of illumination to get you to your car with safety, ease, and beauty. Being able to enjoy the beauty of your home’s landscape design on your way out the door can put an extra spring in your step. Whether it is your favorite tree or a blooming shrub, enjoying the splendor of Mother Nature at your home is a great way to begin a busy day.

LED Path Lighting

Our copper and brass professional-grade path lighting is a perfect guide to help you out the door each morning. Leading to your driveway or garage, or providing safe steps for the children heading to the bus, path lighting is essential to reducing the effects morning darkness have on your day.

LED Residential Home Lighting

We often talk about nighttime curb appeal when illuminating the architectural features of your home with LED outdoor lighting. We rarely point out the benefits residential outdoor lighting provides as you leave your home in the early morning darkness. As you leave in the morning, walking along the sidewalk to the driveway, you’ll enjoy the ambient glow across your property from the “just right” uplighting that is highlighting the best details of your home’s facade. And as you back out of the driveway, you’ll think about how to make the most of this glorious day so you can return to your sanctuary at home that much sooner.

If you could use a little extra illumination as you leave the house each morning, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today! 502-896-6400 We look forward to working with you.

7 Reasons You Should Hire Louisville Christmas Lighting Professionals to Design & Install Your Outdoor Holiday Décor

Do you love making a festive showing for the holidays? Does your HOA or neighborhood have a spoken or unspoken friendly competition for the best Christmas lighting display? Decorating your Louisville home for the holidays is a great way to create a festive mood for Christmas and beyond. Whether you have an annual tradition of hanging lights on Thanksgiving weekend or you struggle to make the time and squeeze it in when you can, we think you should consider hiring Louisville Christmas lighting professionals this year. We offer you the seven best reasons to let the professionals handle your home’s Christmas decorations:

1. Ladders
Are you afraid of heights or just hate wobbly ladders? We don’t blame you. There are hundreds of injuries each year from homeowners falling off ladders while hanging outdoor Christmas lights. If you hate doing it, are clumsy, or just want to stay safe, avoiding the ladder is a great reason to let us hang your Christmas roofline lights this year.

2. Tangled Lights
After making the time to decorate your home for the holidays, you dig out the bins and start pulling out lights. Only to find that every strand you grab is tangled beyond your untangling ability. Do you sit there and spend an entire day untangling, transforming the one-day task into an entire weekend project? Or do you call the pros? Our Christmas lighting team will handle every bit of your home’s Christmas display from design and installation, to take-down and storage.

3. Burnt Out Bulbs
Maybe you managed to avoid tangled strings of Christmas lights. And after spending the day hanging them, you see large portions of your string lights are not working. Now we being the hunt for the single burnt out bulb that is shorting the entire strand. I’d rather avoid that, wouldn’t you?

4. Mismatching LED String Lighting
At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we have the best quality LED Christmas lights. The temperature and color of every bulb is a perfect match. You may notice driving around the neighborhood that some of the big box LED strands are different colors on the same string even! That does not look nearly as nice as our uniform color. Not to mention, our lights can handle harsh weather elements to last years longer than other Christmas lights.

5. Football
Whether you are an NFL fan on Sundays or a die-hard Cardinals or Wildcats fan on Saturdays, prime football season coincides with ‘hanging Christmas lights’ season. One of the best reasons I’ve ever heard for hiring a Louisville professional Christmas lighting company is to avoid interrupting football. You could miss the biggest play of the season if you are out on a ladder instead of cozy inside watching the game.

6. Baby, It is Cold Outside
For hanging outdoor Christmas decorations and especially for taking them down, it is most likely going to be quite cold outside. With frigid temperatures and winter winds, installing outdoor Christmas lights can be uncomfortable. Let our pros handle it so that you can stay cozy indoors.

7. Expert Design, Meticulous Installation, Professional Results & We Take Them Down
While most people who decorate their homes for the holidays have no problem feeling the festive mood to hang outdoor Christmas lighting, the take-down can be a different story. Our professional Christmas lighting team handles everything. We mean everything! We’ll design the display, order the supplies, install lights and décor, and then, we’ll even come back and take those lights down after the holidays. An important task, especially considering most of us don’t have the same ambition or energy after the holidays. We will pack and store your lights for the summer so that next year, we can do it all again!

Don’t wait! Christmas is coming upon us fast and the time needed to design, order and schedule your installation is limited. Call today to begin your Christmas lighting design consultation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville. (502) 896-6400

Louisville Landscape Designs Are Better with Lighting

Are you planning a new landscape design and overhaul this Fall? Fall is a perfect time to work on improving the health of your lawn, adjust your landscape design, and add new plants without the stress of summer heat affecting your transplants’ abilities to thrive. But, what would a new landscape design be with Louisville landscape lighting?

Fall is also the time of year when the days begin to shorten, and the darkness takes more hours of our day than the sun. To enjoy your brand new landscape design even more, add professionally designed and meticulously installed high-quality LED landscape lighting.

While summer might be the time to think about deck lighting, pool lighting, and patio lighting, fall and winter are a perfect time to focus on your landscape and home. Improve enjoyment of your flower beds, trees, and shrubbery with our strategically placed landscape lights.

Make arriving home at the end of a long work day a pleasure with landscape lighting adorning the front of your home. Adding curb appeal, visibility, and security, illuminating the front of your home with Louisville landscape lighting is a no-brainer.

From new trees to flowering shrubs, and fall annuals, make sure your Louisville landscape design is visible for everyone to enjoy. As the seasons change and your landscape transforms from bright pinks and purples to gorgeous ambers and reds, you’ll be glad you have landscape lighting to enjoy the transition. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today. 502-896-6400 We’ll work with your landscape designer to design your new landscape lighting in conjunction with their design, and schedule installation at just the right time.

Louisville Patio Lighting for a Stunning Backyard Oasis

It’s hard to ignore the added function provided by Louisville patio lighting. However, most of us love it for its splendor and the resulting backyard oasis it creates. After all, if we are investing in a patio space, we want it to be a treasure to enjoy, with function, beauty, and a retreat-like feeling. A custom patio lighting design is key to create the tranquility while allowing for needed function. With the right subtle lighting, you can enjoy both practicality and luxury in your favorite outdoor space. It’s all about creating the mood, with both ambient and focal lighting that can be used separately or in conjunction to meet the needs of the current activities. To create the precise mood, we like to use landscape lighting and moonlighting for magic and ambiance.

Moonlighting for Patios

Have you ever walked outdoors at night when the moon is full and bright? Known as a “hunter’s moon,” this light casts a magical spell across your entire property. Creating shadows through tree branches that dance in the breeze and offering full but soft visibility across your lawn, a full moon is a treat to behold. With our moonlighting, we create this same magical effect across your patio for a soft ambient lighting on the entire space. With the perfect placement, we can even recreate those tree branch shadows for added mystery and flair.

Landscape Lighting for Patios

You may not consider landscape lighting to be patio lighting, but it really does work well for this purpose. As most patios are integrated into a stunning landscape design, we often find that using landscape lighting to highlight the perimeter of a patio is all the light you need to enjoy a quiet evening relaxing or a fun night with friends on your paver patio. With landscape lighting, you gain gorgeous views of your landscape elements, flowers, and shrubbery, as well as a gentle wash of light across your stonework. With this delicate perimeter glow, your patio gains a perfect atmosphere for evening enjoyment without overwhelming the space. After all, nighttime enjoyment of your patio should still include the magic of the night sky.

If you’re ready to transform your backyard into a nighttime retreat, consider custom Louisville patio lighting to make the mood just right. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today. 502-896-6400 Our expert design team will work meticulously to create the perfect package for you.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Louisville – What You Need to Know

Are you excited for the solar eclipse on August 21st? While Louisville is going to be out of the path that will get a perfect view of a total solar eclipse, we will (weather permitting) get a partial solar eclipse from our vantage point. When the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth we get a solar eclipse. As a result, our view of the sun will be blocked by the moon, creating darkness during the daytime hours.

2017 Solar Eclipse in Louisville

The solar eclipse is a sight to behold even if you don’t get a total eclipse. In Louisville, the eclipse will start at 12:59 PM on August 21st, maxing out at 2:27 PM and ending at about 3:51 PM. Do NOT look directly at the solar eclipse. Since we are not in the path of the total eclipse, there is not a moment when this is safe. Please get a pair of solar viewers or eclipse glasses well in advance so that you can view the magic of this momentous occasion safely. Read other eclipse safety tips here.

Daytime Use of Outdoor Lighting?

While maybe it won’t be dark enough to need LED outdoor lighting at your house for the upcoming solar eclipse, how fun is it to talk about lighting when we experience near darkness in the middle of an August afternoon?

With our lighting control automation daytime darkness is not a problem, it will adjust so you are never left in the dark. Daytime use of your outdoor lighting is more often than you think. Heavy snow or thunderstorms can create very dark and hazardous conditions. Not to mention, during the winter, it is dark during the day, starting at about 5 PM.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we hope the weather cooperates, and everyone gets a moment to take a peek at the solar eclipse. Happy eclipse watching!

Create Captivating Curb Appeal with Louisville Residential Outdoor Lighting

Your home is the centerpiece of your Louisville property. Regardless of the changes in landscape with the seasons, your home stays steadfast and strong as the anchor. Illuminating your home’s unique architectural features creates captivating curb appeal and a warm welcome for visitors at night.

Louisville Architectural Outdoor Lighting

The architectural style of your home is likely the first thing that drew you to it. From traditional brick homes to Victorian, Craftsman, and modern, the style of your home offers unique features to highlight.

Is a stunning picture window the first thing someone notices on your home during the day? We can add outdoor lighting around it and under it to help it stand out at night.

Is your upper level adorned with stunning dormers that make the roofline a site to behold? With gutter-mounted LED outdoor lighting, we can make sure your home’s features stand out from the ground to the highest peaks.

No matter if it is columns, a special roof pitch, or the exposed rafter tails or dentil molding, we’ll make sure the details of your home are adored at night.

Materials and Texture

After the main architectural design of your home is noticed and loved, the next contributor to the overall curb appeal are the exterior materials. From brick and stucco to siding and stone, today’s homes are made exceptional by these design choices. While most homes offer a mix of materials, it is certain that combination of materials and architecture give each home its own unique personality.

In the dark of night, these important details may go completely unnoticed. Not anymore! With the best Louisville residential outdoor lighting, every detail of your home’s exterior surfaces can be enjoyed at night. We’ll customize a design to capture the classic red in your brick, the stunning variation, and depth of stone, the smoothness of your stucco or the natural texture of your cedar shake siding. Whatever your home’s exterior, we’ll make it shine with LED outdoor lighting.


Porticos, porches, columns, yellow doors, and more, Louisville homeowners love to adorn their home’s main entrance, adding a touch of flair, a tad-bit of personality, or a splash of color to keep it current. However you make your home’s entrance inviting, it should not go unnoticed at night. We’ll highlight tapered columns, stone posts, wrap around porches, potted plants, statuary, and pathways with a custom outdoor lighting design. The guiding light will lead your guests to the door after dark while adding to the nighttime curb appeal enjoyed by all who pass.

If your home is ready for captivating nighttime curb appeal to give it the attention it deserves, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today for a design consultation. (502) 896-6400

Pool Parties, Bonfires, Backyard Barbecues: Set the Stage for Nighttime Fun with Louisville Outdoor Lighting

Are you throwing some big summer parties this year? Do you wait all winter and spring for the perfect backyard barbecue weather? Summers in Louisville are a spectacular time of year to be outdoors. Maximize your outdoor enjoyment by prepping your outdoor space for uninterrupted nighttime fun with Louisville outdoor lighting.

Louisville Pool Party Lighting

Illuminate your pool for a glorious nighttime swim or pool party. Whether it is perimeter lighting or accent lighting, Louisville swimming pool lighting and pool deck lighting will keep those steamy summer nights cool and refreshing with a quick dip.

Backyard Barbecues

From patio lighting and deck lighting to outdoor kitchen lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville can ensure your backyard barbecue can continue past sunset. We offer accent lighting for your decks and patios, but we can also provide gorgeous task lighting over your outdoor kitchen’s prep space. No matter how late you like to cook and eat, Louisville outdoor lighting will ensure your backyard barbecue goes off without a hitch.

Backyard Bonfires

It might seem a silly thought to think you need lighting around your fire pit or outdoor fireplace, but have you ever tried to find your drink in the pitch black after staring at those flickering flames? Ambient lighting around your fire pit or fireplace is perfect for adding just enough visibility for safety and function without interrupting the beauty and love of the warm, dancing fire.

If you’re ready to take your backyard party space to a whole new level, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today! (502) 896-6400

Could Landscape Lighting Attract Buyers When You’re Ready to Sell Your Home?

We’ve long appreciated the beauty of well-designed, high-quality Louisville outdoor lighting systems. While they certainly add a great deal of nighttime curb appeal and improve the quality of life for homeowners, the idea that they increase the value of your home or help your home sell faster is a fact we have not been able to qualify with hard scientific data.

Relying only on what homebuyers and sellers say and think, we can, however, offer you a glimpse of potential emerging trends in home buying based on survey information.

Outdoor Lighting is a Top Consideration for Homebuyers

Being a younger country when compared with Western Europe, the United States often follows right behind them in home buying and renovation trends and styles. A recent article shared by LEDinside.com has pointed out that approximately half of Europeans are more likely to purchase a home that has outdoor lighting.

These numbers rise and fall with each country, putting Spain first with 76% of homebuyers preferring to buy a home with outdoor lighting. In Great Britain, however, only 36% of homebuyers find landscape lighting to be a factor.

According to the survey, outdoor lighting is a key consideration when buying a home because it adds to the overall atmosphere of the home, the curb appeal, and desirability. With almost 50% of homebuyers making it a key consideration, outdoor lighting beat out windows, roof, and paintwork as a consideration.

Given the history of our country, there is no doubt in our mind that the United States will follow Europe’s outdoor lighting trend, especially given the low energy use and beauty of the latest LED outdoor lighting technology.

If you’re ready to get out ahead of a rising real estate trend, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration and design consultation. (502) 896-6400

How Does Your Louisville Garden Glow?

Top 5 Ways to Give Your Beautiful Louisville Garden Subtle Nighttime Attention

Louisville garden lightingSummer is here! If you’re a gardener, you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to get to see those beautiful buds and blooms. Louisville gardeners spend a great deal of time and money investing in their gorgeous flower beds, landscapes, and garden, why not show it off at night? With everyone being so busy during the day, after dark might be your best chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful scene you built for yourself.

Are you curious as to how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville can help your garden glow this summer? With endless custom landscape lighting designs to meet your unique gardens charm, we’ll give you a taste, with the top five ways your growing garden can glow all summer long.

1. Blooming flowers offer a spectacularly different view at night than they do during the day — pinks are brighter, greens are richer, and purples are more vibrant with LED landscape lighting. In the glare of the daytime sun these gorgeous flowers might wash out, but at night their beauty and charm are highlighted with “just right” lighting and a bit of shadow play.

2. Winding garden paths are a perfect invitation for enjoying an evening stroll. With path lighting to create a warm welcome and guiding light, you can enjoy the entirety of your garden and landscape after dark.
3. Hidden and not-so-hidden treasures deserve to be featured. If you found that perfect fountain or statue at a charming flea market or boutique and it is unquestionably your favorite garden accessory, put a light on it! Our focal lighting is not over-blown or to the extreme, but provides a subtle illumination to make your favorite features the focus of your landscape.

4. Front yard landscape beds come in all shapes and sizes and filled with a variety of plant choices. Whether it is flowering shrubs, neatly pruned bushes, or a mix of perennial and annual blooms, highlighting your front landscaping creates beautiful curb appeal for year-round enjoyment.
5. Large outdoor structures that add the perfect character (and a bit of utility) to your yard need proper landscape lighting for nighttime function. From gazebos, arbors, and pergolas to patios, covered porches, sheds, and guest houses, the function, and beauty of these structures should not be left in the dark when the sun sets. With proper uplighting, we can make your most useful outdoor living areas a thing of beauty after the sun sets.

If you’re ready to make your Louisville garden glow, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today. (502)896-6400 Our LED garden lighting is perfect for every garden.

Louisville Landscape Lighting is 2017’s Home Renovation Trend

Spring is a time for renewal. As the grass turns green and the trees regrow their leaves, thousands of Louisville residents embark on outdoor home renovations. From adding pools, decks, and patios to redesigning landscapes, luxurious outdoor living spaces at home are a must-have for today’s busy lifestyles.

Houzz.com recently surveyed homeowners who have undergone or will be undergoing outdoor renovations. They discovered some new and exciting trends when it comes to landscape lighting and outdoor lighting.

Adding & Upgrading Outdoor Lighting

Forty-five percent of outdoor-renovating homeowners updated or installed outdoor lighting. Included in the list of outdoor lighting were things like path lights, driveway lights, and pool lighting.

The exciting part is that the majority of lighting chosen was high-quality outdoor lighting for long-lasting nighttime beauty and illumination. An astounding 73% upgraded to LED outdoor lighting. Most remarkably, 20% upgraded to smart lighting systems such as our Lighting Control Automation. As lives continue to get busier and technology gets smarter, every aspect of our life that can be automated should be, and landscape lighting is the perfect candidate.

According to the Digital Trends article, if LEDs become the norm, by 2027 we “could save the amount of electricity produced by 44 large electric plants.” With forty percent of homeowner citing “helping the environment” as a reason for making certain outdoor renovations, we are confident that LED landscape lighting upgrades are the perfect tool for accomplishing those goals.

If you’re ready to add landscape lighting, lower your electricity use, or upgrade your current Louisville landscape lighting system to high-quality LED, call us today at (502) 896-6400

Smart, Inconspicuous, Beautiful, LED Motion Sensing Louisville Landscape Lighting

Feeling safe and secure in your home is important. Louisville security lighting is a great way to provide that feeling, but you may feel that a large flood light is obtrusive – and we would agree. While adding motion sensors seems to limit the disturbance of a bright flood light to you, and your neighbors, the sudden on/off when animals and leaves blow by could still be creating an unnecessary disturbance with such a bright light. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we are proud to offer a new, more subtle security lighting feature that was not previously available.

Motion Sensor Landscape Lighting

For more than fifteen years our high-quality copper and brass landscape lighting have created gorgeous nightscapes at Louisville homes. Subtle ambient light provides visibility and beauty across your landscapes, outdoor living spaces, pathways, and home. With integrated lighting control automation, you’ve enjoyed having your lights on only when you needed or wanted. Now with the availability of motions sensors, you can further control the use of your landscape lighting to only when you need it.

Most homeowners like their landscape lighting for the front of their home on at dusk and maybe at dawn for a few hours each. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, they may manually flip the switch for when they are using the space at night. But what about after the lights go out for the night? There are areas of your property either not worthy of landscape lighting, or areas, where added security after the lights go out, would be beneficial. This is where motion sensor come in to play.

Along the side of your home where your utilities and garbage bins are housed, is not typically an area you want to highlight. Being energy conscious homeowners, you may have simply decided not to add lighting, or maybe you have to flip a switch every time you need it. With the addition of motion sensing landscape lighting, you can enjoy lights that come on for you when you take the garbage out at night. Or more importantly, they will come on in the instance of an intruder lurking in the dark. You’d be surprised how quickly a light will scare away someone.

Motion Sensor Control

With the ability to create zones with motion sensor lighting, you don’t have to worry about a light right outside your bedroom window waking you up when a raccoon trips it. Keep the motion sensors only where you need them, and you’ll enjoy that safe and secure feeling all night, every night.

Call today to learn more about setting up motion sensors for your landscape lighting. We look forward to hearing from you. (502) 896-6400

Deck Lighting By OLP: This is NOT your Grandmother’s Deck Lighting

Today’s Louisville deck lighting serves a myriad of purposes. From extending the outdoor living function and added safety to creating stunning entertaining space and backyard retreats, this is not the same old deck lights from your childhood. Today’s decks deserve careful custom deck lighting design from the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

The History of Practical Deck Lighting

Years ago, the function was the sole purpose of a deck light. Riser lights add safety to staircases to lower property liabilities and accidental falls. Depending on the size, shape, and location of the deck, lights were added to undersides of railings for additional safety around the perimeter. But today’s backyard is an investment in a luxurious outdoor lifestyle. To maximize that investment, homeowners want to not only gain function on their deck after dark but also to extend the enjoyment of the beauty of that investment. From accentuating the deck design to upping the entertainment factor, Louisville deck lighting takes your deck to the next level.

Deck Lighting for Beautiful Living

Festive Louisville Deck Lighting Our gorgeous LED deck lighting options transform your deck into a beautiful lightscape. While riser lights, post lights, and railing lights are still a great choice for ensuring safety, we step outside the box to illuminate the unique features that make your deck a true extension of your home.

Does your deck feature a pergola or porch roof? We can highlight decorative columns, hang permanent market lights over the dining area below or mount specialty lights wherever the opportunity arises. We can also add pendant lights over bar counters, dining tables, and other areas where task lighting could be useful.

Does your deck feature large planter boxes or potted trees? The same gorgeous landscape lighting we place in your yard can be applied to items on the deck. A gorgeous light shining right up the trunk and into the canopy of a potted tree can transfer the one-with-nature feel you get during the day, well into the night.

Do you have a privacy wall on your deck? Half-moon deck lights are perfect for mounting near the top of a privacy wall to cascade down the lovely lattice, wood, or stonework.

Do you enjoy prepping food and cooking in a modern outdoor kitchen? Adore the deep textures of color and pattern in your stonework with hardscape mounted lights tucked underneath your countertop. On the prep side, they add task lighting, on the opposite side, you gain ambient light to illuminate the space.

As you can see from the few options we share, we don’t stick to the purely practical when it comes to Louisville deck lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to maximize the admiration for your beautiful deck. (502) 896-6400

Louisville Outdoor Steps, Stairs, and Hills: Landscape Lighting Adds Dramatic Beauty & Safety

The National Safety Council reports stairways cause over one million injuries and 12,000 deaths each year!

Does your home feature exterior stairs leading up to the front door? Stairs on your deck or patio? Or do you live on a hillside making stairs a necessity for navigating your property? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, sometimes the practical necessities for safety become gorgeous masterpieces with proper outdoor lighting design.

Louisville Outdoor Stair Lighting

Louisville Hardscape Stair Lighting
This expansive raised patio features five steps leading up to the main outdoor living space. Lights under each stair tread increase visibility and safety at night.

Louisville Steep Stair Lighting
A hillside home with a steep slope often requires stairs to be built in for access below. This wooded lot was especially dark and hazardous at night before we added unique stair lighting from above.

Louisville Hot Tub Stair Lighting
Add to a dark set of stairs a wet surface and wet feet, and you have a recipe for disaster. Deck lights under the stair railing provides better visibility for sure footing when entering and exiting this hot tub.

Stone Patio Stair Lighting
This grand staircase encompassed by stunning stonework is not only safer with the addition of riser lighting but becomes the focal feature, creating a welcoming embrace as the homeowners return to the patio from the yard.

Slippery Louisville Deck Stair Solutions
Decks are often a place for gathering with friends and family of all ages. Strategically placed railing lights allow better visibility in any condition for improved safety and easier outdoor entertaining.

Louisville Outdoor Stone Stair Lighting
These gorgeous stone steps are a stunning solution for gaining access from this hillside home to the pond and flat area below. While they look gorgeous, their steepness can be tricky to navigate. When sun sets, that navigation becomes almost impossible. With our LED landscape lights, this tiered hillside becomes a nighttime masterpiece instead of a liability.

Statistics of stairway injuries and deaths are staggering. While accidents are going to happen no matter what you do, it is important to create safe stairways for you and your guests to use indoors and out. With the addition of Louisville stair lighting to your home, you not only add visibility for increased safety, you also add depth and beauty. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to receive a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home. 502-896-6400

Louisville Landscape Lighting for Kentucky Derby Delight

Are you entertaining, hosting houseguests or renting your home out for the Kentucky Derby this year? Have you considered upping your game by creating an irresistible nightscape with custom landscape lighting? For beauty, curb appeal, outdoor entertaining, and creating magical memories, ambient outdoor lighting at your home can bring the enchantment of Churchill Downs to your property.

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep

The Magic is in the Details

The things that make the Kentucky Derby the best week of the year are not all tied up in the “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” While we wait all week to watch the winner grab the title in just over the two-minute mark, everything surrounding the race is what makes it so magical. The traditional fashion (seersucker suits and derby hats), mint juleps, finger sandwiches with benedictine spread, and Derby Pie™ are as important to the race as the horses.

Louisville Path Lighting for Kentucky Derby

Subtle Path Lighting

When it comes to creating magical moments on your property, subtlety in landscape lighting design will do the trick. The idea is to have your guests notice the landscape, patio, deck and garden, not the light itself. Using subtle copper path lighting nestled in your shrubbery, we can lead your guests to areas where fun activities take place, such as pools, patios, and gazebos. The anticipation of following lights around a path to find what is waiting on the other side etches memories to last a lifetime.

Mood Setting Patio Lighting

As guests travel through your garden, wow them with a glorious outdoor dining or party space at the end. Set the mood with permanent LED string lights that allow you to create a festive tone for your gatherings any time of year. As the night winds down, turn off the festive lights and let your landscape lights and hardscape lights create a soothing, serene mood for the few that remain conversing late into the night.

Louisville landscape lighting for parties

Whether you’re throwing the party of the year or hosting a few houseguests, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville would be honored to create a custom nightscape on your property. With a custom landscape lighting design, we’re sure we can help you wow your guests to keep the wonder of the Kentucky Derby going all week long, everywhere you go. Call today; time is of the essence. 502-896-6400

The Beginning of Daylight Savings Time Could be the Beginning of a Louisville Landscape Lighting Timer Headache

With the beginning of Daylight Savings Time in Louisville, you may be celebrating the return of arriving home from work under the light of the shining sun, but you may also be facing some less than thrilling side effects. Readjusting your sleep schedule might have you dragging each morning and reaching for an extra cup of coffee each afternoon. You may also find yourself going to war with any timers or controllers that run your household’s lighting, irrigation, or security systems. If your Louisville landscape lighting timer has your lights coming on too early and trying to adjust it feels like reading Ancient Egypt hieroglyphics, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today!

Landscape Lighting Timer Programming

Whether we installed your system or not, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we are happy to help with your timer issues. Check out our timer instructions page and then give us a call if you are still not sure what to do. If we can’t help you over the phone, we’d be happy to come out to your home or business and get you squared away.

Landscape Lighting Timer Upgrades

Have you ever seen people in movies control various home systems such as music, lighting, and even appliances from a computer dashboard or their smartphone? This can be a reality in your home with the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Lighting Control Automation (LCA). With the ability to control outlets indoor and out, we can help you program special zones for mood lighting, party lighting, and everyday landscape lighting. With our smart system, it will automatically adjust programming to account for the twice a year time change and the continuous changes in the length of the night.

Even better yet, we (and you) can log in from afar and adjust landscape lighting programming. If you’re staying out late and want the lights on to greet you – you can do it. If you are away on business or vacation and forgot to adjust the programming for the appearance that you are indeed home – you can do that too.
Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today for all of your landscape lighting timer and controller needs. (502) 896-6400 We look forward to working with you.

Louisville Post Lighting Repairs & Replacements

Post lights have been a common way to light up your Louisville home for nighttime departures and arrivals for decades and longer. Providing a bright light that washes over your driveway and walkways from high above, post lights were the best solution for creating visibility at night when older Louisville homes were built.

Common Post Light Problems

As these lights age, time and weather erode them, and they begin to have performance issues or quit working altogether. We’ve seen rusted out bases, corroded wires, bad connections, rotted bases and other evidence of time, wear and tear.

Louisville Post Light Repairs

We’ve heard from many Louisville homeowners who have had a very hard time getting electricians to come out and repair their post lights. And those who’ve had success at getting an electrician on-site are often told that repairs would cost them upwards of $1,000 or more.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we have a great solution for your post light repair needs. Our LED conversion solution has a lifetime warranty, and your new light will come on at nightfall, every night with little to no effort from you.

In addition to gaining renewed reliability for nighttime visibility, you’ll also enjoy a decrease in your electric bill. LED outdoor lighting is 80% more efficient than Halogen, and if your previous lights were incandescent, you’d enjoy even greater savings.

Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation. 502-896-6400

The Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting for Louisville Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

The hospitality and service is a unique niche where business bottom lines need to be met while constantly improving the guest experience. How do you improve service and experience while lowering costs for your Louisville hotel? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are pleased to offer a valuable additions or upgrades for your hospitality business that can lower costs and foster improved enjoyment for your visitors. Commercial LED outdoor lighting and landscape lighting could make this a banner year for your business.

Enhance Guest Experience

The addition of commercial outdoor lighting on your hotel property creates ambiance and warmth that your guests can enjoy when they visit. Whether for business or pleasure, your guests rely on you to provide them with an experience to remember.

They want to have space to unwind after a day of business meetings or to live it up while on vacation. With the addition of custom LED commercial lighting to your outdoor dining area, bar or patio you’ll invite guests to take advantage of everything your hotel has to offer.

Add commercial landscape lighting around the entire property to encourage adventure and outdoor enjoyment. By illuminating paths that lead to cozy corners, entertaining areas, and stunning scenery, you let your guests know they are welcome to explore.

While guests wander around the property, you can be at ease knowing that the darkness is not a point of liability. Commercial outdoor lighting improves security and safety for every guest. While it is not often considered, the feeling of safety while traveling is imperative for gaining confidence from guests for repeat business and fabulous word-of-mouth referrals.

LED Commercial Lighting Saves Money

Louisville has a long history of southern charm and elegance. This history might be evident if your hotel or bed and breakfast has an aging outdoor lighting system. Older dated fixtures and constantly growing landscape usually means your gorgeous lighting design is no longer in its glory days.

Lighting systems of the past are usually running 120V or Halogen, which can result in an expensive electric bill across a large property. These lighting systems contain older technology that did not have the lifespan of today’s LED commercial outdoor lighting fixtures. The result is poor performance leading to bulbs burning out constantly.

LED outdoor lighting uses 80% less energy than Halogen. The savings across a well-established garden and landscape can make the difference in your year. Our LED bulbs last 10x longer than Halogen bulbs too! Between the electricity and the bulb replacement, your utility and maintenance savings will allow you to place investment in other guest centered initiatives.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we are eager to help improve the guest experience, maximize occupancy, beautify your property, and lower utility costs at your hotel or bed and breakfast. Call today for a complimentary design consultation. (502) 896-6400

Louisville Patio Lighting Design is All About the Customization

Patio lighting in Louisville is essential to enjoying long summer days that blend into gorgeous summer nights. If your patio is your favorite place to be, you could benefit from a custom LED patio lighting design. While you can get any landscaper to plop in some landscape lights around the perimeter of your stone patio, only Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville will work closely with you to create lighting to meet your specific outdoor living goals with a custom design based on your unique patio space.

Hardscape Lighting

With stone, brick and paver patio replacing standard concrete slabs, patios have entered a new era of elegance and sophistication. With built-in accessories like stone landscape walls, paver sitting walls, and outdoor fire features, your patio is a site to behold. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we meet the changing times with stunning hardscape lights. They fit between bricks and stones, under counter tops and capstone and inside landscaping walls to create subtle accent lighting for your entire patio.

Festive Bistro Lighting

Go bold or go home! (If you want.) If your Louisville patio is the center of your outdoor entertaining, you may want something less subtle than hardscape lighting. A hot trend in outdoor lighting is emerging with the application of permanent festive lighting. These large round string lights are LED and can withstand the weather, to turn your patio into a party with just the flip of a switch.

Patio Task Lighting

Outdoor kitchens, bars, smokers, and barbecue grills are often the centerpiece of your patio. Whether you’re hosting a pig roast for the entire neighborhood or a small dinner party, you want to stay outdoors with your guests as much as possible. With the application of customized task lighting over your outdoor counter tops, prep space, and cooking areas you can enjoy cooking well past sunset with the same ease you enjoy indoors.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration. Patio lighting can transform your life with the improved enjoyment of all of your outdoor spaces. (502) 896-6400

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville Welcomes You to Join Us at the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show

With well over 100 of Louisville’s premier indoor and outdoor service providers on hand, you can find everything you need to get your spring projects started. From roofing and indoor renovation service providers to gardening experts and landscape designers, you can find everything for your home indoors and out.

If you’re still trying to decide what your spring renovation plans will be, stop by booth 1428. Adding landscape lighting to your home is a great investment in your outdoor lifestyle. From accent lighting to focal lighting and path lighting, we can transform your property with the best LED copper and brass landscape lights available. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, lighting is all we do. We focus on gorgeous designs and quality products and installation so you can enjoy your new LED outdoor lighting system for years and years. We hope to see you at the show!

Our expert lighting designers will be on hand with samples of our top LED landscape lights. We can discuss unique solutions for your specific property and answer your most pressing questions about landscape lighting.

Kentucky Exposition Center, March 3-5th 2017

Show Hours:
Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am- 9pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Tickets are $10 at the door or Save $2 when you buy online before the show.

Once your lighting is designed and installed, you’re going to be spending more time outdoors. Make sure that time is spent comfortably with help from our partner brand Mosquito Squad of Louisville who will be at the show with us.

Louisville Spring Outdoor Renovation Ideas

Do you have plans for a refresh or renovation at your Louisville home this spring?

Are you considering adding a pool, deck, spa or patio? Are you having professional landscapers redesign and install new landscaping around your home and property? Are you adding privacy trees or shrubbery along the fence line? Maybe you’re having a water feature such as a koi pond or a fountain installed to add tranquility and joy. Whatever your spring renovation is, Louisville landscape lighting can add the finishing touches and ensure your new project.

Louisville Tree Lighting

Nothing is more Louisville than a tree lined driveway or fence line. Evenly spaced trees can add majesty and privacy, they create a welcoming path to your home and a natural border for your property. Adding tree lighting can take the upscale beauty of your trees to a whole new level. With well-designed landscape lighting, your trees can remain the focus of your property at night as well as during the day; adding a visible perimeter around your property or a guiding light to your home after dark.

Louisville Deck & Patio Lighting

Adding a new outdoor living structure such as a deck or patio is a perfect way to improve outdoor living at home. Deck lighting or patio lighting can complete the space to extend enjoyment beyond the daytime hours. With gorgeous Louisville summers right around the corner, extending outdoor living into the mild summer nights is the best way to get the most from your outdoor living investment.

Louisville Landscape Lighting

Whether you’re adding privacy shrubs, flowers, new landscape walls, pathways, or focal features, Louisville landscape lighting goes hand in hand with new landscaping. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your landscape designer to create magical nighttime lighting effects for your enjoyment.

Louisville Water Feature Lighting

Pools and water features are fantastic additions to Louisville outdoor living. Pools provide fun and refreshment during the hot summer months, while koi ponds and fountain create ambiance and tranquility in our otherwise hectic daily schedules. With the addition of pool lighting or water feature lighting, these lovely additions to your backyard can be enjoyed day or night by you and your guests.

If you’re looking to add the finishing touches to your spring outdoor renovation project, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today. With OLP, you’ll enjoy custom design, top quality LED lights, professional service, and the best customer care in the industry. (502) 896-6400

Why Winter is the Best Time for Your Louisville Outdoor Lighting Installation

When you think of Louisville outdoor lighting what comes to mind?

Is it the ability to enjoy outdoor fun well into the evening? Enjoying a late night dinner outdoors? Or maybe an image of family and friends lingering well past dusk on the backyard patio?

Without a doubt, all of these images help describe the endless benefits outdoor lighting provides. However, the benefits of outdoor lighting extend well past the warm seasons of the year and beyond the times when outdoor lighting is used at your discretion for recreational purposes.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, our designs are hard-at-work, even during times when you would rather stay warm inside your home. Our outdoor lighting is dependable and always there to guide and welcome you home on those cold winter nights.

Here in the Louisville area, last winter was quite frigid, and let’s not forget the record snow we received in March of 2015. Our last two winters have seen temperatures average 3 to 4 degrees below normal, with over 25 inches of snow. Snow and ice accumulation can become treacherous when maneuvering in the dark; Louisville outdoor lighting will increase the safety around your home during inclement winter weather.

For those of you that are one the fence about installing or upgrading an outdoor lighting system, we want you to know that winter is the best time to move forward. Along with having a well-illuminated landscape, paths, driveway and home, there are more benefits to acting now.

Additional benefits of a winter outdoor lighting addition include:

  • Less impact on your plants and turf grasses due to their dormant state during the winter months.
  • Less wait time for new installations or LED outdoor lighting upgrades or conversions on existing systems.
  • More value, as many suppliers are prone to price increases during the first quarter of the new year. Moving ahead now and securing your spot on our schedule means you will lock-in to 2016 pricing modules.
  • You will beat the crowd. Like many outdoor home improvements, demand increases substantially when spring arrives. Get in the front of the line now and have your system up and running prior to the harsh winter weather and beyond!

Contact us at (502) 896-6400 today to learn more and beat winter’s chill with always warm, always welcoming, Louisville Outdoor Lighting!

With Louisville Driveway Lighting, Never Return Home to a Dark Home Again

Daylight Savings Time (DST) ended a few weeks back, and if you are one of the many Louisville homeowners who has no outdoor lighting, or a system that was not professionally installed, you are likely experiencing the effects. Where you once returned home from work and had plenty of daylight to carry out your evening activities, now it’s completely pitch black. Everyday tasks such as walking the dog, checking the mail or even entry into your home have now become a visibility nightmare.

Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive home every evening to a well-lit property from the driveway to the door and eliminate those dark spaces? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville can make it happen with professional, effortless and convenient illumination.

Traditional eave lighting and spotlights don’t provide the uniform, cohesive illumination that allows you to breathe easy like our lighting does. We use light to create and define the unique features of your property in various dimensions. To truly create beautiful and effective lighting, we consider the existing elements as any designer would – light, shadow, perspective, color, line, texture – and transcend them into a unique outdoor lighting design just for you. In the case of lighting driveways we can install a variety of creative designs in order to achieve the look that is best for your landscape. From washes of illumination across the driveway itself, to adding drama to a tree-lined driveway through the use of moonlighting – we can custom design a plan best suited to your property. We can also implement smart home technology through the addition of an LCA driveway sensor to your lighting application, too!

The simple addition of driveway lighting can provide you with a beautiful and effective source of illumination to welcome you home each night. Driveway lighting will also make your home and property more inviting, safer and more secure. Not only will you be able to see exactly where you’re driving and navigate easily on foot, there won’t be any dark spots for would be intruders to hide. Let’s face it; pulling into a pitch black driveway night after night is unsettling. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville can offer unique ideas that are more affordable and a nice alternative to typical driveway lighting installations.

Contact us at (502) 896-6400 today to learn more about all our amazing outdoor lighting designs. We can enhance your home and landscape from the driveway to the door — and everthing in-between!

Louisville Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville wants you to know the benefits of lighting can be enjoyed far beyond the front facade and landscape of your home. It can expand the functionality and versatility of your outdoor living spaces too. With professional lighting, you can use your backyard long after the sun goes down. From illuminating your backyard deck, brightening a patio, to turning up the ambiance around an outdoor fire feature, outdoor lighting lets you live outdoors with no time lines or rules from the setting sun.

Fall and winter are the favorite times of the year for many Kentuckians. The leaves are ablaze with color, the brisk air, the anticipation of the holidays ahead is palpable, and most of all the cooler temperatures are perfect for many beloved backyard activities, such as tailgating or roasting s’mores. The outdoor living doesn’t end with the end of the outdoor living season. Here in Kentucky, we take our outdoor enjoyment very seriously and through the addition of an elegant space heater, or utilizing a cozy backyard fire feature we enjoy our backyards almost year-round!

We have provided a helpful outline of the key backyard areas that can benefit from the addition of lighting:

Louisville Deck & Patio Lighting:

Deck lighting increases the safety of your family and guests when utilizing your outdoor living areas Admittedly; most backyards are full of potential dangers under the veil of darkness; like stairs, uneven footings, drop-offs, and tripping hazards. Illuminating and making the areas in and around your deck and/or patio visible can prevent potential accidents. As inclement weather arrives having a clear view will also keep you in-tune, and able to address any freezing or icy areas on your exterior surfaces.

Stair and integrated post lighting is one way to ensure clear visibility of steps, railings, flooring and their surrounding areas. Pillar lights help define perimeters and look amazing when mounted directly onto brick and wood columns. Our designs create romantic washes of light that add a heightened sense of mood and ambiance to your deck or patio, making it a backyard destination you look forward to enjoying in the evening!

Louisville outdoor fire feature lighting

Fire features such as fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are a growing trend and are becoming a staple for many backyards.When illuminating a fire feature, you must consider the design. For example, when in use, the fire itself is the center of attention. However, the addition of lighting will provide illumination to guide visitors into the space and create an understated look of elegance when the fire feature is not in use.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to learn more about our enchanting outdoor lighting designs for your most cherished outdoor living spaces.
You can reach us at (502) 896-6400.

Our Set it and Forget it Timers will Ensure "Falling Back" for DST is Effortless

Sunday, November 6th, marks the official end of Daylight Savings Time (DST). This means it will be time to “fall back” and move the clocks back one hour. Even though this means we will enjoy regaining the extra hour of sleep we lost back in March, it also means night will fall sooner. Typically DST can also throw many outdoor lighting timers out-of-whack as older systems contain timers that require manually changing to accommodate for DST. This involves digging out the manual and figuring out which dials and buttons to press in order to update their timers for the change. Simply put, manual timers are annoying and inconvenient.

Cumbersome manual timers require that you remember to reset as the days grow longer or shorter during the seasons. Our timers are controlled by Lighting Control Automation (LCA). This means they require no additional support or demands from you since they automatically update themselves based on your time zone and available light – including the onset and end of DST. You can forget searching for the manual and trying to figure out how to program your timer every couple of months to stay on top of the daylight changes in your area. Simply set your LCA timer to whatever your lifestyle needs are and then it does the rest. LCA timers even save you money because your lights are on only when you want them to be, so you aren’t paying a light bill for illumination during hours not necessary.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville we can put an end to the endless pursuit of dusk! We can schedule a time to come out and reset your existing timer for you OR we can install a newer technology-based timer that will accommodate for DST automatically! What a relief to not have to fiddle or worry about your timer anymore. Every new system we install has a timer so that our customers can freely customize when their lights go and off at any time of day or night based on their personal needs. The flexibility our timers provide user-friendly options and remove the burden of remembering when to turn your lights on or off. This element naturally increases the safety and security at your home and grounds and adds lots of practicality, too. Our timers make it look like your home is lived in even if no one is there even if you are at work or on vacation. Would-be thieves will always know your house is lived in even if you aren’t there.

LCA timers can be as simple as you want or, if you enjoy a high level of control with technical devices, you can really have fun setting your timer for an ultra-enhanced lighting mood. Aside from controlling when your lights go on and off, highly adaptable LCA’s can even be set to regulate how much light is put out by your outdoor landscape system. You can start off at a lower power level earlier in the evening and then go to 100% power as the darker part of night arrives. Best of all, you even make changes to your lighting from a mobile device such as your smartphone or your computer. The possibilities of LCA are truly endless!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to learn how LCA timers can improve your indoor and outdoor lifestyle. You can call us at (502) 896-6400.

Neighborhood Entry and Landscape Lighting Make for a Warm Welcome at Sterling Springs Estates

Nestled on the east side of Louisville you’ll find the gorgeous tight-knit community of Sterling Springs Estates. The ninety-five homes boast large half acre lots and are within one of the best school districts in Louisville. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we had the distinct pleasure of taking this already fabulous neighborhood to the next level by recreating the warm welcome the HOA had always intended for their residents.

One of the most important aspects of creating a desirable community is by making it look great. Sterling Springs Estates has large lots and gorgeous homes that are kept tidy and neat, making it an in demand subdivision. The one area that needed improvement as of late was the outdoor lighting system. With homes that are reaching around 25 years old, it is no wonder that the original neighborhood lighting system was beginning to fail. The Sterling Springs Estates HOA president, Scott Pottinger called us to provide the community with the perfect lighting for a warm and inviting entrance after dark.

Louisville Neighborhood Entry Lighting

The Sterling Springs Estates entrance is marked prominently by four stone columns connected by matching landscape walls on each side of the drive, and a wrought iron gate. Continue onward to enjoy a 500-foot long brick wall on the right and a beautiful softscape median to your left.

Our priority was to make sure the neighborhood entrance was visible at night for guests and residents alike. With LED uplighting on the columns that host the neighborhood signage, everyone will know they are Sterling Springs Estates. Next, we tackled the illuminating of the brick wall, a perfect feature to wash with light for adding visibility to the drive in and a warm welcome home after a long day at work. Wall washing is the perfect outdoor lighting technique for neighborhood entries.

Louisville Neighborhood Landscape Lighting

Sterling Springs Estates features some of the most scenic and unique landscape we have seen within Louisville subdivisions. With a prominent creek that provides a charming median between residents entering and residents exiting the neighborhood, we knew what we had to do.

With extremely long wire runs and some ingenuity in affixing the fixtures to the creek bed, we were able to make this delightful landscape a scene to admire at night too. With the days getting shorter and shorter as we move deeper into autumn, the residents will not only enjoy the picturesque warm welcome home, but also will enjoy walking their dogs after work without having to stick so closely to the sidewalk.

The results at Sterling Springs Estates speak for themselves. By working closely with the HOA President, we were able to give this community everything they wanted and stay within their allotted budget. If your neighborhood entrance, drive or community space could use some illumination, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today. We look forward to working with you and your HOA. 502-896-6400

Louisville Outdoor Dining Done Right with Charming Outdoor Lighting

From NuLu to The Highlands, autumn weather and fall events are bringing people out to eat and shop more. Not only are they coming out to eat, but they are also looking for a place where they can dine outside in this stunning fall weather. Not too hot, not too cold, it’s time for al fresco dining in Louisville. Whether your restaurant or bar is on East Market Street or Bardstown Road, you’re sure to attract more guests with an appealing outdoor atmosphere that not only is lovely during the day but eye-catching and mood setting at night. One of the most economical ways to create the perfect evening ambiance on your dining patio is with commercial outdoor lighting.

Festive Café Lighting

With the growth in popularity of outdoor fireplaces and the improvement in the look and function of outdoor heaters, Louisville residents can enjoy eating outdoors well into late autumn. With the perfect accessories in your outdoor dining space, your restaurant could become the place to be. While making the space comfortable in temperature is important, setting the right mood for nighttime diners can be done with the hottest trend of the year, café lighting. These gorgeous string lights with large round LED bulbs create a nostalgic, yet hip atmosphere to any outdoor space. Whether we hang them over the entire deck or patio space, over the live entertainment stage or we create a perimeter of mood lighting, they are sure to set a tone that will keep guests coming back again and again.

String Lighting for Trees

While you may be very familiar with wrapping trees with lights for the holidays, there is no reason why the same technique can’t be used for a year-round festive feel. If your dining patio enjoys the shade of towering trees during the day or the décor of smaller ornamental trees, we can use them to create the perfect nighttime lighting effect. With white LED string lights and the proper application we can turn your dining patio into a cheery upscale space that makes every guest feel like today is a special occasion.

Hardscape Lighting

With the rise in popularity of vertical hardscape elements, many outdoor dining spaces in NuLu feature landscaping walls, columns, outdoor bars, and other structures. Usually built to create perimeters and ambiance, there is no reason why these features have to disappear under cover of night. With the use of hardscape lights, we can simultaneously illuminate your perimeter and create that magical nighttime environment that makes patrons want to stay longer, order more provisions and become a regular guest.

With the competition being so fierce in The Highlands and NuLu, it is vital to growing your Louisville business that you attract new guests and make them want to come back frequently. With commercial outdoor lighting, you can create an outdoor eating space that will draw new guests in and make them fall in love with your place under the magic of a starry night. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today for a design consultation and nighttime demonstration to see what we can do for your Louisville restaurant, bar, or eatery. 502-896-6400

Gorgeous & Charming, Louisville Landscape Lighting Also Increases Security

As fall approaches and the days begin to shorten, you may begin to notice how dark it is outside of your home and among your landscape at night. Illuminating the space around your home and landscape is a great way to give yourself added visibility at night as well as that safe and secure feeling. With the gorgeous ambiance that comes with properly designed landscape lighting, comes the peace of mind that comes along with added security.

Louisville Security Lighting

Landscape lighting design is the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference. We create a custom design that works perfectly with your home’s unique architecture and your landscape’s unique features. While gorgeous aesthetics is what you’ll see, security is an added benefit that you will receive. Our LED landscape lighting and architectural lighting creates security in subtle but effective ways.

With architectural lighting, we will illuminate the areas around your doors and windows. While this creates a gorgeous curb appeal and gives you perfect visibility for arriving home after dark, it has other advantages. The lights in your entrances allow you to clearly see if someone is there when you arrive home, making your entrance into the house at night a safe practice. The lighting around the windows and other entrances create a spotlight effect on areas where would-be intruders might try to enter your home when you are not there. Since most intruders are interested in theft and are non-confrontational, well-placed lighting is the perfect deterrent.

By adding path lighting along pathways and landscaping along the sides of your home, we effectively eliminate dark corners that make great hiding places. We continue this technique along the back of your property line. If your home backs up to the woods, you may enjoy some reassurance that there is not an easy hiding space and if someone or something is out there, you’ll see it.

With our LED landscape lighting, you can leave your lights on from dusk until dawn. Making your early morning departures just as secure as your late night arrivals. We can power the average LED lighting system for less electricity and cost than leaving a single 60 Watt light bulb on in the house all night; leaving you with no noticeable effect on your utility bill.

If you’re ready to beautify your landscape and enjoy the security benefits of an illuminated home, call us today for a design consultation. 502-896-6400

Louisville Commercial Holiday Lighting Will Inject Your Business with the Christmas Spirit

Did you know 20% of retail sales come during Christmas? That amount of shopping trickles out to other businesses like restaurants, spas and hospitality as people indulge themselves during a season full of celebrations. When it comes to creating the holiday spirit that encourages spending and indulgence nothing does it better than Louisville outdoor Christmas lighting.

Commercial Christmas Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville offers the best Christmas lighting service in the area. Our expert team will design, install, take down and store your commercial holiday lighting. You’ll get the best quality LED Christmas lights, garland, and wreaths. Unlike big-box lights, our outdoor holiday decorations will last year after year. We even offer the well-loved C9 lights, which offer a more professional look versus mini-lights.

Outdoor Holiday Decoration Ideas

Our lighting professionals will create the best custom designed Christmas lighting package to meet your businesses goals while fitting within your budget. Some of our favorite design features include roofline lighting, tree wrapping, wreaths, and garland. While roof lines and trees covered with c9 Christmas lights can create the Christmas spirit starting at the entrance to your parking lot or commercial complex at night, wreaths and garland are a perfect way to make sure the festive environment is felt all day long too.

Plan Now Before the Holiday Rush

To get the best professional outdoor Christmas lighting for your business, you need to be prepared to plan early. This allows us time to design your commercial outdoor holiday lighting, order the lights and greenery and get you on the schedule. It also allows you to get a major task done and out of the way before the holiday rush. The benefits of hiring the professionals don’t end at installation and take-down, it most importantly takes a huge to-do item off your list during the busiest part of the year. Call today to schedule your Louisville commercial Christmas lighting consultation today. We are excited to work with you to make sure all of Louisville feels the holiday spirit this year. 502-896-6400

Louisville Landscape Lighting is Perfect for Increasing Essential Curb Appeal and Value at Your Home

When it comes to choosing outdoor projects for your Louisville home, there is a great deal to consider. Is this project going to add value to my lifestyle? Is this project going to be a good investment when the time comes to sell my home? Making these big decisions for your home can be a challenge without a trusted expert. Luckily we have trusted sources like Architectural Digest to give us valuable advice on such matters. With their article, 5 Outdoor Features That Will Add Value to Your Home they help us prioritize outdoor living projects. Two of the five happen to support our professional recommendation that LED landscape lighting is not only a great way to improve your outdoor lifestyle, but it adds value to your home.

With landscape lighting and eco-friendly amenities both making the list of outdoor features that add value to your home, we are thrilled to be able to offer both in the same product.

Eco-Friendly Amenities

Our LED landscape lighting uses 80% less energy than halogen. With bulbs that don’t need to be changed for years and top quality copper construction, you’ll enjoy the longevity of an eco-friendly landscape light that is built to last. Add our Lighting Control Automation (LCA) and you can enjoy further energy savings by programming your lights only to be on when necessary. We can even add your interior lighting to the LCA for custom control and extreme efficiency.

Landscape Lighting

Gorgeous landscaping in conjunction with professional landscape lighting is a great way to add value and ambiance to your home’s exterior. The daytime beauty of flowers, trees, and shrubbery, transforms into a stellar nighttime site with professionally designed landscape lighting. The positive first impression created with subtle and elegant curb appeal is invaluable to your home’s appeal.

When it comes time to sell, this first impression can make or break a potential sale. As a buyer arrives for the showing, they can make up their minds about your home before stepping one foot inside. If you create a gorgeous landscape highlighted with perfectly designed landscape lighting, you’ll provide a warm “welcome home” sentiment that the buyer is sure to feel. Along with the stunning beauty, your home will gain added safety and security that is always a value add.

If you’re ready to add cost-effective value to your home and life, Call Us: 502-896-6400 or complete the form below for your nighttime demonstration. You’ll be amazed at what Louisville landscape lighting can do for your home.

Top 12 Locations for Stringing Up Permanent Louisville Bistro Lighting

Café lighting, Bistro Lighting, Outdoor string lighting, festive lighting, we’ve heard it called a variety of things. No matter what you call them, café lights are a hot trend this year. They are perfect for a myriad of applications. From residential to commercial and hospitality, these classic string lights are a perfect way to give a space that certain je ne sais. The ambiance cannot be explained, only felt and once your Louisville outdoor space has it, you’ll never want to let it go.

Permanent, Professional Café Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville offers the best quality LED café lighting. We custom design the lighting to fit your space instead of trying to force a pre-strung set to meet your unique needs. Our lights can withstand weather elements for permanent placement, so you don’t have to deal with the hassles of taking them up and down during bad weather or storing them for the winter. Best of all, we will take care of the design and installation resulting in a no fuss no muss, gorgeous result that you will adore for many years to come. Our bistro lighting is perfect for many outdoor spaces.

Here are our top 12:

  1. Backyard Patios & Decks

  2. Juliette Balconies

  3. Over Swimming Pools

  4. Outdoor Dining Spaces at Restaurants or Home

  5. Coffee House and Café Patios

  6. Resort/Hotel Outdoor Lounge Areas

  7. Urban Courtyards

  8. Roof Top Decks

  9. Condo/Urban Yards

  10. Tree House Magic

  11. Gazebos/Pergolas and Covered Porches

  12. Outdoor Event Venues

If your business or home could use that special touch to give it the ambiance you’ve always dreamed of and worked towards, call today. Call today (502) 896-6400 Our custom LED outdoor string lighting can take your space to the next level!

Long Summer Days Deserve Twinkling Summer Nights in Louisville

We are right smack in the middle of a gorgeous Louisville summer. And if there is one thing about summer we love, it is spending time outdoors. Starting with an early morning fishing trip, followed by a dip in the pool, cooking dinner on the grill and relaxing on the deck as the sun fades below the horizon, summer days are long and glorious. As you milk every last drop out of beautiful summer days, you can also capitalize on the mild summer nights. Spending your summer evenings under the stars is better with Louisville outdoor lighting.

Nighttime Louisville Curb Appeal

With more activity after dark, summer is a great time to focus on illuminating your home and outdoor living space for nighttime function and beauty. Add curb appeal and a warm welcome with exterior lighting for your home. With gentle washes of light cascading up your home’s brick, siding, stone or stucco walls, the charm you enjoy all day can enchant visitors and passersby at night.

Louisville Copper Path Lighting

Our copper and brass Louisville path lighting is a perfect way to guide guests to your home’s entrance at night. Unlike solar landscape lights found in your local big box store, our path lights project light across your pathways for sure-footing and safety. While they are beautiful and charming, their function is top notch.

Louisville Deck Lighting

Louisville outdoor lighting is the best way to take your long Louisville summer day and keep the fun going well into the night. With Louisville deck lighting your outdoor living space will be properly illuminated for maximum nighttime enjoyment. No need to take the party indoors when the sun sets, with deck lighting you can keep the music playing, the laughter ringing and the drinks coming.

Dazzling summer nights can be yours with help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville. We offer a nighttime demonstration that is sure to blow you away. Call today (502) 896-6400

Celebrate the 4th of July with Dazzling Outdoor Lighting in Louisville

The 4th of July is almost here. Summer’s biggest outdoor holiday. The smell of food sizzling over charcoal, the sounds of children swimming the pool, the ice melting in your lemonade long before you’re ready. The laughter of friends and family fill this glorious occasion as we celebrate America’s Independence. And when the sun sets, pop, bang, boom — the night sky is lit up with dazzling fireworks for a visual exclamation on the day’s events. If only we could enjoy this glorious site all year long. With Louisville outdoor lighting, you can.

While Louisville LED outdoor lighting won’t pop, bang or boom it will light up your night sky with a splendid display. It will bathe your property with well-designed and lighting to highlight the best features with drama and subtlety that is perfectly balanced. With areas of light and shadow, passerby’s will be as mesmerized by your stunning home as they are by the brilliance of Thunder Over Louisville each and every year. But unlike Thunder Over Louisville, you won’t have to wait for the once a year spectacular. Each and every night you get to enjoy the beautiful sites and unforgettable design. All without making the dogs bark!

As big or small as you’d like, your Louisville LED outdoor lighting system is sure to bring you joy. Start by illuminating your home’s unique architecture for added curb appeal. Move over to the shrubbery and landscape with Louisville landscape lighting. And then when you are really ready to drive the effect home, we’ll help you choose a couple of focal features such as trees or sculptures to add a dramatic spotlight for an attention grabbing display that is balanced perfectly with a subtlety that will not only please you but your neighbors as well. And don’t forget the outdoor entertaining area, visibly extending your home’s square footage into the great outdoors is a great way to extend your 4th of July celebration throughout the year.

Improving the quality of your outdoor lifestyle and the value of your home by adding curb appeal, your Louisville outdoor lighting not only shines all year long but makes a great investment. With captivating lighting to extend the glorious 4th of July fireworks feeling, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville is ready to help your home shine. Call today for a nighttime demonstration and from all of us here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, Have a safe and happy 4th of July! (502) 896-6400

Louisville Outdoor Lighting Service, Maintenance and Repairs Custom Designed to Fit Your System’s Needs

Is your Louisville outdoor lighting system not looking as great as it once did? Do you have a few bulbs burnt out? Does the overall effect leave you feeling underwhelmed? Regular outdoor lighting maintenance is just as important as the original design and proper installation. If it’s been years since an outdoor lighting expert has serviced your outdoor lighting system call today; at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville keeping your lights looking great is what puts us a step above the rest.

Over the course of time, many unavoidable factors can contribute to your outdoor lighting system looking less than stellar.

Over-grown Landscaping

Many times when we install a new Louisville landscape lighting system, it is in a newly planted landscape design. Over the course of a few years, plants and shrubbery will grow and alter the effectiveness of the well-designed lighting plan. When we come to your home for a service call, we’ll trim shrubs and relocate fixtures that are significantly impairing the overall effectiveness of your outdoor lighting system.

Dimming Halogen Bulbs

You may say, “all of my bulbs are lighting up, and things look okay.” “Okay” is not good enough. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we want your landscape lighting to look phenomenal. Older halogen outdoor lights can sometimes dim significantly after about 1 – 1.5 years, but not burn out. They can dim by as much as 50%, making it hard for you to notice. This dimming diminishes the look of your beautifully designed lighting system. We can swap out the bulbs or upgrade you to LED for a long lasting and refreshed landscape lighting design.

Burnt-Out Bulbs

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a variety of service and maintenance packages that can include the replacement of light bulbs. It is not uncommon for homeowners to take bulb replacement into their own hands. If you want to swap out your own bulbs, please order them from us. We frequently find fixtures destroyed by bulbs of the wrong wattage. This mistake is easy to make and could cost you. Fixture warranties are void if the wrong bulb is applied.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. In that vein, we offer a variety of different maintenance packages catered to fit your specific needs. We have full yearly maintenance packages that include bulb replacements, tune-ups, shrubbery trims and light adjustments, or you can choose a package that just includes bulb replacement. We even offer a tune-up package for systems that simply need occasional adjustments. We recommend no matter what the case that you have a professional outdoor lighting expert inspect your system once a year to keep it looking brilliant. Call today; we’ll work with you to find the perfect outdoor lighting maintenance plan for your system. (502) 896-6400

Louisville Landscape Lighting for a Luxurious Outdoor Lifestyle

Now that the days are long and hot, you’ve turned your attention to outdoor living. While it is easy to see how adding flowering annuals and power washing the deck can make your space more enjoyable, you may be overlooking the possibilities landscape lighting can bring to your Louisville landscape. Louisville landscape lighting is not just for gardens, flower beds and shrubbery. Landscape lighting can take your home and yard to a luxurious place you never imagined. Let me set the scene:

Outdoor Dinner Party in Louisville

You’ve invited a few of your closest friends and your children’s friends for a dinner party/backyard summer barbecue. You start in the late afternoon while the sun is still up with yard games, cooking on the grill and swimming in the pool. Dinner was a hit; the kids are getting along, and the conversation is fantastic. As the sun begins to set, you previously may have had to light some candles or tiki torches or move the party inside. But with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville’s landscape lighting system, your gathering won’t skip a beat.

All of your landscape lights are running on our Lighting Control Automation system so they’ll come on right when they should. First, the café lights over the deck and patio create a festive scene, followed by the deck lights and pool lights which add safety and visibility. But as you and your guests look around the yard, that is when the real magic begins.

Louisville Landscape Lighting Extends Your Outdoor Living Space

With the magic of well-placed moonlighting, your children and their friends continue with their yard games, but now with lovely shadows dancing across the lawn. With strategically placed focal lighting on thoughtfully chosen trees and shrubs around the perimeter of your property, your guests feel invited to venture off the deck and patio to enjoy the splendor that is your well-groomed property.

Back on the patio, the adults can enjoy great conversation and a few beverages, with clear visibility of the kids who are enjoying a night swim thanks to the safety of the pool lighting.

If you want to create lasting memories with your friends and family this summer, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville 502-896-6400 for a custom landscape lighting design.

Louisville Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Business

Louisville commercial outdoor lighting is a great investment for many different businesses. While it is often thought of for businesses who create spectacular outdoor guest experiences, outdoor lighting really can revive, call attention to and improve any brick and mortar business.

The advantages of installing commercial outdoor lighting at your business depends on your main function and goals. Some of the best benefits we have seen reach across many different industry types.

Louisville Commercial Outdoor Lighting to Increase Curb Appeal

For retail, banking, restaurants and other guest centered businesses, the increased curb appeal of outdoor lighting can attract new visitors and customers. By highlighting your entryway and landscaping, guests will feel a warm welcome they won’t soon forget.

Louisville Commercial Outdoor Lighting to Increase Safety & Security

For any business, commercial outdoor lighting adds safety and security. While many think of safety in regards to customers, it is vital for every business to keep their employees safe as well. The liability of an injury occurring at your business can be a looming concern for business owners. Speaking of liability, security is a concern for all companies. By illuminating entrances, parking and storage areas at your business, would-be criminals can be easily deterred by the high visibility; lowering your risk for theft and the losses associated with it.

Louisville Commercial Outdoor Lighting Wow’s Guests in the Hospitality Business

Guest-centered businesses like hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and diners can increase revenue with well-designed professional commercial outdoor lighting. Creating an outdoor eating or entertaining space for your guests is a great way add a competitive edge to your hospitality business. Patrons love to spend time out on a patio when the weather allows, making outdoor lighting a must-have for restaurants and bars in Louisville.

If you’re ready to give your Louisville business a leg up on the competition, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today. An investment in LED commercial outdoor lighting may just be the best thing you do for your business this year. 502-896-6400

Lower Energy Costs & Carbon Footprint with an LED Conversion for your Louisville Outdoor Lighting System

I know what you’re thinking. If you’ve been on this Earth as long as I have, you probably remember some early LED lighting technology that created harsh bluish light. Some of the lights had to warm up to come on and then when they did the effect was startling – in a bad way. Today’s LED outdoor lighting has hit a new stride in advanced technology for creating gorgeous lighting while using 80% less energy than Halogen. Look at the image below – I bet you can’t tell the difference.

Same Great Look, Much Lower Energy Use

We can upgrade most Halogen outdoor lighting systems to today’s LED lamps. What are the benefits of a lighting upgrade? The biggest benefit of an LED upgrade is an immediate energy savings, every day, with no effort or change in lifestyle on your part. If you care about the environment but some of the conservation efforts are too much to realistically fit your lifestyle, this is a great way to do something to lower your carbon footprint. An average 15 light LED outdoor lighting system uses just a little more energy than a standard 60 Watt light bulb. The same Halogen system uses as much as 450 Watts. At 75 Watts, the LED outdoor lighting system is a clear winner on energy use.

Less Energy Use = Lower Electric Bill

There is a ton of math involved in checking out what your exact monetary savings will be each month. The electric company charges you per kilowatt-hour (KWH). One KWH is equal to using 1,000 Watts in an hour or a 100 Watt light for 10 hours. Using some average usage numbers, we can calculate the difference between running our 75 Watt LED outdoor lighting system and the standard 450 Watt Halogen outdoor lighting system.

*Using the current average cost of $.1091/KWH

As you can see in the chart above, the comparison for running a system for 6 hours a day for the year is a significant price difference. Add to your electrical savings the lack of lamp replacements as LED bulbs last for years, and you’ll be glad you chose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to convert your outdoor lighting system to LED.

I love to save. If someone told me there was an 80% off sale on something I could use, I don’t think I’d miss it. Consider upgrading your Louisville outdoor lighting system to LED like a year round 80% sale on electricity for outdoor lighting! Call today to schedule your Louisville LED outdoor lighting conversion. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we can retrofit most existing systems with top quality LED lamps that will last for years before bulbs need replacing. (502) 896-6400

Selling Your Home in the Competitive Louisville Real Estate Market is as easy as 1, 2, Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting? What does outdoor lighting have to do with selling a home? We realize Louisville outdoor lighting is not the first thing you think of when you are prepping your home for listing on the MLS. You are quite likely tending to repairs and fresh finishes. But have you thought about the first impression? Your home has only one chance to make it and it starts at the curb before potential buyers even step out of their car. Sometimes it starts during a drive-by after work, before contacting their realtor for a showing.

If you are serious about making the strongest first impression with fantastic curb appeal, LED outdoor lighting is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make before selling. LED outdoor lighting gives potential buyers a controlled preview of your home and property’s best features by accentuating unique architectural charm, visually increasing square footage into outdoor living spaces and creating nighttime curb appeal that will rival your home’s daytime charm.

Accentuate your Louisville Home’s Best Features

We use LED outdoor lighting to highlight your home’s best features. We can gently cast light onto the stone façade of your garage to highlight the color and texture. We can highlight distinctive dormers with gutter-mounted lighting on your main level roofline. Whatever your home’s best feature is, we’ll make sure your potential buyer is excited about showing off their gorgeous new home after dark.

Enhance Outdoor Living Space

If your Louisville home for sale features a well-established outdoor living space, buyers will love it. In today’s market, outdoor living space is almost like having more square footage. With outdoor lighting for your outdoor living space, a buyer can imagine the joy they will get from entertaining in the space well into the night. Deck lighting, patio lighting and landscape lighting in your backyard will visually increase your square footage for enticing that buyer who loves the outdoor lifestyle.

Stunning Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything in the home-selling business. From the road to the driveway, landscape and front façade – bad curb appeal can deter even the most open-minded buyers. But great curb appeal can entice someone who knows they are compromising on a specific feature with love at first sight. The feelings they felt when they saw your home for the first time compels them to look at your home and imagine it being there’s. With LED outdoor lighting for your home and landscape, buyers who arrive after dark will be blown away by the lighting design. Blinded by the light, they will be so enchanted it will be difficult not to make an offer.

With energy efficient LED outdoor lighting for your Louisville home, you can’t go wrong. Sell your home fast and for top dollar with a professionally designed and installed LED outdoor lighting system. Just imagine the stunning images you’ll be able to add to your listing. Buyers will love it, and you’ll hate to leave it. Call today for a free nighttime demonstration. 502-896-6400

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Louisville Outdoor Lighting System

Are your Louisville outdoor lights leaving you in the dark? Many times when there is an issue with a professional outdoor lighting system it can seem to be a large problem with the transformer, but it is unusual for transformers to go bad. Often we come out to a house and find a breaker tripped or a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) needs resetting. This can happen during an electrical storm when a surge goes through your home. It can also happen during flooding rains.

The GFCI is sensitive to electrical surges and water purposefully to protect people from electrocution and protect items being powered from damaging surges. While we always advise you call us for all of your Louisville outdoor lighting maintenance needs, there are a few things you can do to make sure there is not a simple underlying cause for the lights not working. By checking a few items first, you can save time and get your lights back on sooner.

First, check the breaker in the transformer. Make sure it is in the ON position.

If the switch is ON, check the voltage at all of the voltage taps inside the transformer.

Still no power? Check to see if there is power at the receptacle the transformer is plugged into. If there is no power at the receptacle, you need to check and see if your transformer is ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected. You’ll know because you will see a “reset” button. Push the reset button. If it won’t reset then you’ll know there is no power going to that outlet. Check the breakers in your electrical panel for one that tripped.

If there IS power at the receptacle, no power at the voltage taps and the breaker in your electrical panel is ON; then you know you have an issue with the transformer itself. Time to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville for a maintenance check and repair. If you’re having an issue with your lights and you’ve checked your breakers, call today, we’ll be happy to come out and check your entire system to find the issue. (502) 896-6400

Timer Instructions

Many of our customers are comfortable enough with their systems to set and reset their own timers. While we are more than happy to help you with your timers over the phone or even come out to your home on a service call, we like to offer our customers instructions on how to change their timers themselves.

Click on the various timer types below to download and view timer instructions as .doc files. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you would like a copy mailed or emailed to you.

HB800 Instructions

HB88RC Timer Instructions

Dial Timer Instructions

X10 Timer Instructions

Do you need additional assistance with your landscape lighting?

We will service any system, no matter who installed it. From outdoor lighting maintenance to LED upgrades and extensions, we are your best choice for all things Louisville outdoor lighting.

Louisville Outdoor Lighting: Lemonade, Barbecues and Backyard Entertaining

It’s springtime in Louisville. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and people are getting back to the great outdoors. Nothing beats that first spring weekend of cleaning up the yard and relaxing on the deck or patio with a tall glass of lemonade while the burgers are sizzling on the barbecue. Enjoying your outdoor space for the entire season is always worth that first weekend of clean-up so backyard barbecues can resume for the summer and lazy relaxing weekends can commence. If you’re preparing your backyard for a summer of barbecues, yard games and evenings with friends, adding outdoor lighting could be the next step in creating a space you can enjoy well past the setting of the hot summer sun.

Moonlighting Transforms Your Yard

One of our favorite lighting techniques for illuminating outdoor living space in Louisville backyards is moonlighting. Moonlighting is exactly what it sounds like. We hang a light on the perfect branch, in the perfect tree. The light itself is out of your sight line, but the light it casts down through the branches and across your entire living space is magical. If you love a bright full moon on a summer night, you’ll love the effects of moonlighting for your deck, patio, pool and landscape.

Deck Lighting & Rock Wall Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

Decks and patios are a favorite hang-out spot for summer evenings in Louisville. With the addition of outdoor lighting, you and your guests can continue the conversation even after the sun goes down. With top quality copper and brass deck lights, we can gently illuminate the perimeter, railings and stairs of your deck for a lovely ambiance and added safety. Patios, outdoor kitchens and retaining walls provide an excellent opportunity to illuminate your outdoor living space. We can create a custom lighting design that includes tucking our lighting underneath capstones, countertops and in the base of retaining walls. The effect is a gentle illumination of your patio and outdoor entertaining space, so your guests can finish their drink and mingle well into the warm summer nights.

Landscape Lighting Extends your Entertaining Space

While most people like to linger on patios and decks during summer gatherings, there is something to be said for a large Louisville yard with plenty of landscape to enjoy. If you want to encourage your guests to mingle out among your prized hydrangeas, your gorgeous garden or a well-placed gazebo or swing, landscape lighting is perfect for you. With strategically designed placement, we can illuminate your favorite trees, shrubberies and flower with focal lighting and path lighting that will draw your guest’s eyes and feet out into your lovely landscape. This ability to spread out can create moments among friends that you and your guests will cherish forever.

If you’re planning a summer of barbecues and backyard fun, call today. (502) 896-6400 Our nighttime lighting demonstration will allow you to get a taste for the magic outdoor lighting can add to your Louisville outdoor living spaces.

The Key to a Stellar Kentucky Derby Party: Outdoor Lighting for Your Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

It’s the biggest sign of spring in Louisville. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the Kentucky Derby is here. It’s time to break out the derby hats, sear sucker suits and the mojitos. Whether you’re hosting guests for the weekend or just the afternoon for the famous race, you are likely already prepping for the annual festivities. You’ve been busy planning the menu, shopping for clothing and inviting your friends, but is your home ready for your annual Kentucky Derby party?

Louisville Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

A great way to prepare your home for the onslaught of creative bright hats and bow ties is with LED lighting for your outdoor entertaining spaces. The arrival of the warm spring air requires that you host your party in the great outdoors. While the race only lasts about two minutes, the party is sure to go well into the night. Illuminating your patio, deck, bar, kitchen and landscape are sure to encourage guests to linger about extending the party you’ve waited for all year.

Kentucky Patio Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville loves to illuminate patio spaces. No two patios are alike. From brick pavers, stone pavers, tiles and concrete, there is a great deal of fun in creating a custom lighting design to perfectly illuminate such lovely textures. Depending on your surrounding landscape we may use our moonlighting technique to cast light down from above, gorgeous landscape lights around the perimeter for an ambient glow or insert lights right into your retaining walls for lovely wash down the stone.

Kentucky Deck Lighting

Our deck lighting techniques are top notch. We use top quality brass and copper lights made especially for your decking. We can hang them on posts for a glow around the perimeter, under railings for ambient illumination and under railings and stair treads for added safety. We can even hang permanent festive string lighting over your deck for that classic party feeling.

Kentucky Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Lighting

If your outdoor living space centers on an outdoor kitchen or bar, lighting is a must-have. With under-mounted deck lighting, your counter tops will glow with a soft inviting light that is sure to set the party mood. We can add the perfect task lighting from above to make night time mixology and cooking a breeze for the hosts.

Kentucky Landscape Lighting

In the long standing tradition of lawn parties in Louisville, encourage your guest to leave the safety of your deck or patio and venture into your well-manicured lawn with landscape lighting. With well-chosen positioning we will illuminate prized ornamental trees with a wide wash, positioning landscape lighting amongst your prized azaleas and shining a focal light up the top of your tallest Oak tree. Your guests will feel enticed and obligated to mosey about the lawn munching on their cucumber sandwiches while they enjoy the night air.

The Kentucky Derby is a fantastic fun event that is impossible to ignore. We wait every year for the excitement, unique festivities and exclusive dress code to arrive in Louisville. With all the fan fair and horses, don’t forget the gorgeous horses, it is key to have your home and property ready for your guests. Call today for your outdoor lighting design consultation. (502) 896-6400 The Kentucky Derby is almost here and we’re booking up fast.

As Louisville Outdoor Living Projects Are Underway, Don’t Forget Outdoor Lighting

Spring is here in Louisville. Tulips are blooming, birds are chirping and the weather is slowly warming up. Spring is a time for renewal, spring cleaning and outdoor living preparation. You may have already begun the process of adding a new deck, porch, patio or pool to your backyard. Or you may be planning a landscape design overhaul. Whatever the case may be, make sure you include Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville in the design and building phases for the best outdoor lighting design and installation with the fewest interruptions to your relaxing season.

Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

If you’re creating a new outdoor living space such as a deck or patio, outdoor lighting is a fantastic addition to your project. Deck lighting, patio lighting & pool lighting will extend the functional hours of your new space well into the dark of night. Imagine throwing your first summer barbecue on your new deck, only to have to move the party in as the sun sets. Stay outdoors longer with help from outdoor lighting in your new space.

Louisville Outdoor Lighting Design

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on our attention to artistic lighting design. If you call us to become involved in your new outdoor living project from the early design phase, we can work hand in hand with your contractor, builder or landscaper to ensure the best lighting design for the most function and stunning aesthetics. If your space is already built or your landscape is already complete, our lighting design could face some restrictions in an effort to be cost effective or minimize disruption of your newly installed outdoor project.

Louisville Outdoor Lighting Installation

When you’re facing a new landscape design or a pool/deck/patio addition, you are prepared for a messy construction phase. Depending on your yard and location of your project, you may be facing quite a bit of remediation to your existing landscape once the project is complete. Adding outdoor lighting to your project while it is being built is the best way to make sure this landscape remediation is a one-time thing. Our talented installation team can work alongside your construction crew or landscaper to make sure our lights are installed and our lines are buried at the most opportune time. This also affords us more flexibility in design as we can work within the construction phase to add lights in places that may not be possible after the project is complete.

If you’re interested in adding Louisville outdoor lighting to your spring outdoor project, please give us a call to schedule your free consultation today.508.896.6400

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville at the 2016 Louisville Home, Garden & Remodeling Show

Come Out & See Us!

March 18-20th at The Kentucky Exposition Center

The Louisville Home, Garden & Remodeling Show is the best place to get your spring renovation projects underway. With over 350 vendors displaying their products and answering your questions, it is the perfect place to find everything you need to make this summer one of the best Louisville summers of all time.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville will be on hand with gorgeous energy saving LED outdoor lights. Our high-quality copper LED light fixtures are the best in the business. With an 80%+ savings versus Halogen, our LED outdoor lighting will cost you a fraction of the price to run.

Outdoor lighting is a perfect accessory to enhance your new pool, deck, patio or professional landscape design. With patio lighting you can entertain comfortably and effortlessly after dark. Deck lighting can provide safety and ambiance for you & your guests. With added Louisville landscape lighting you’ll be able to enjoy your gorgeous blooming annuals, budding perennials and shrubbery after the sun sets.

If you’re considering adding LED outdoor lighting to your home this spring, the Louisville Home, Garden and Remodeling Show is a great first step. We’ll have plenty of LED outdoor lights on display for you to view and feel. Our professional lighting design team will be on hand to answer any and all of your most important outdoor lighting questions. And best of all, we can get you on the schedule for a free consultation before the busy spring season is underway. Our free consultation is the best way to assess what LED outdoor lighting can do for your home, property & lifestyle.

Show Hours & Dates

Friday, March 18: 10am – 9pm
Saturday, March 19: 10am – 9pm
Sunday, March 20: 10am – 5pm

If you cannot make it to the show please give us a call to schedule your free consultation today. 508.896.6400

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.