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When you invest in outdoor lighting through Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we take great care and pride in ensuring that your system stays in peak operating condition. The best way of doing so is through the Annual Maintenance Plan that incorporates all the necessary elements to keep your lighting system in tip-top, good-as-new condition.

After all, what your home and landscape looks like months or years from now should be just as stunning and perfectly illuminated as they are today.

When you’re on our Annual Maintenance Plan, we:

  • Replace all bulbs – Renew warranty on bulbs for a year
  • Rebury wire, Repair damaged wire or connections, if needed.
  • Straighten fixtures
  • Inspect the transformer
  • Reset or check the timer
  • Make adjustments to enhance lighting effects

Your enrollment in the plan also ensures that you receive priority response throughout the year, extends the bulb warranty for an additional year and covered repairs at no charge.


In addition to servicing systems installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our personnel will service many other low-voltage lighting systems installed by another company. In fact, our highly-trained expert lighting specialists can do whatever it takes to ensure that your home and landscape are perfectly illuminated year-round. From replacing bulbs and tightening or re-burying wires, to checking your transformers or timers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides the professional expertise to get the job done right every time.


Visit our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Warranty page for full terms.

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