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I first experienced the impact of outdoor lighting while living in Atlanta in the early 1980s. I frequently drove through neighborhoods with large southern homes and well manicured yards. They were imposing enough by day but were magnificent by night when illuminated. I couldn’t believe the transformation achieved by highlighting architectural and landscape features.

In 1985, I was promoted and transferred back to my hometown of Louisville by BellSouth Mobility to open the Louisville and Lexington markets to the new technology of cellular phones. I was immediately struck by the contrast with Atlanta — neighborhoods of beautiful homes that almost appeared vacant at night.

While in college, I had worked summers as an electrician’s assistant, which was not surprising since my father owned Tafel Electric Supply with a 115 year history in Louisville. So, after buying a home in 1991, I was determined to personally recreate those Atlanta night scenes even if on a more modest scale. I decided to replace and improve the inexpensive outdoor lighting that I kept knocking over while moving my lawn. After two weeks of work and many trips back and forth to home improvement stores, I realized this was not a do-it-yourself job and that no one was offering the kind of outdoor lighting service I envisioned. I never forgot that experience over the next 10 years as I worked for various telecom companies.

During the economic downturn beginning in 2001, the start-up company where I worked was forced to close. I knew I wanted to stay in Louisville and raise my family here, so I decided I was ready to leave the uncertainties of the corporate world and turn my passion into a business. I took over a struggling company called Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and started building a company that reflected my vision of what lighting could do for homeowners to enhance the beauty and security of their homes.

It’s been a labor of love. I really enjoy taking a beautiful home that looks great during the day and bringing it to life at night. I know how to use lighting to highlight the prominent features, whether architectural or landscape, and how to deal with problem areas like dark steps and poorly lighted passage ways and tripping hazards.

I’m told I have an artist’s touch that I combine with my electrician’s knowledge to help homeowners discover how lighting can transform their homes. It’s about getting the light just right to create or eliminate shadows and highlight the elements our customers like.

I also know how to use the beauty of lighting to achieve another goal of many homeowners.

My company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kentucky, offers a premium product for homeowners who discover that the right lighting can create a welcoming outdoor entertainment area, improve security, eliminate walkway hazards, and transform a beautiful home by day into a stunning nightscape after dark.

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